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“SLAM ONE DOWN is metal band, native to the New York metal scene. The origin of the band goes back to 2005, when guitarust J.R. first came up with some riffs that later went on to become the bands Demo release. In 2007, J.R. met vocalist Bobby Brazen, while the two worked together in the band, 4 IN THE CHAMBER. Later, the band recrited locals, Roach McPoach on drums and Shane Train on bass and completed thier lineup. SLAM ONE DOWN describes thier sound as Thrash meets Metalcore meets Rock n’ Roll. Thier first full lenght album, Who Wants To Live Forever, certainly shows that, and a bit more. With elements of Doom and Hardcore(although metalcore says “core”, I see the two different). They’re a fun loving bunch of guys, that enjoy Beer, Broads and the Band. Thier musical influences range from, QUEEN and SABBATH to METALLICA and CANNIBAL CORPSE. SLAM ONE DOWN released thier debut album, Who Really Wants To Live Forever, this past September 1st. They present a well packaged rele”

“Today the members of Slam One Down tells us about the title track to their latest album, "Who Really Wants to Live Forever." Here is the story: Bobby Brazen (Vocals): I remember when I began writing the lyrics for this song we only had a rough cut of the music and somebody said "I feel like this is going to be our CowboysFrom Hell." And I feel like that's exactly what's happened with "Who Really Wants to Live Forever".. Being one of the earlier songs we wrote as a band, I already had a vision for what I wanted this song to do. Here was a band of guys who are no different than anyone else, who were going to take over the world headfirst, partying hard, full throttle, and on our own terms - because that's what we wanted to do. Just like the song says, "We're here to rock 'n roll, to change the world and take you all. No one can tell us we're wrong. NOW YOU'RE ONE OF US!!!! ”

“Last week it was announced that New York’s SLAM ONE DOWN will be taking part in this year’s Skateboard Marketing LTD, ReverbNation and Horns Up Rocks CMJ Showcase. The event is scheduled to take place Thursday October 18th at Webster Hall in the “Marlin Room”. Doors will open at 7:00 pm for CMJ Badges and ticket holders. SLAM ONE DOWN is slated to hit the stage at 7:15. Guitarist JR Gurrieri commented on SLAM ONE DOWN being chosen to perform on at the showcase: “We are very excited to be a part of CMJ this year. Just adding our name to the incredible list of bands that have taken part over the past 30+ years CMJ has been in existence is an accomplishment to us. We realize that this is an incredible opportunity and will no doubt be a great and rewarding experience. We would like to thank Munsey Ricci and everyone at Skateboard Marketing for inviting us, as well as Horns up Rocks & ReverbNation. We are looking forward to meeting a lot of new people and having the time of our”

“SLAM ONE DOWN, FREYA & KILLCODE TO TAKE PART IN SKATEBOARD MARKETING CMJ SHOWCASE AT THE MARLIN ROOM Full details have been revealed regarding this year’s Skateboard Marketing LTD CMJ Showcase in NYC, presented by ReverbNation and Horns Up Rocks. The event will take place Thursday, October 18th at Webster Hall in the “Marlin Room”. Doors will open at 7 PM for CMJ Badges and ticket holders. There will also be a guest list only private party and open bar at 6:00 PM for radio, press, retail and music industry executives. Slam One Down will rock the stage at 7:15 PM, followed by Freya at 8:15 PM, and Killcode at 9 PM. RSVP HERE, tickets are on-sale now.”

“A mainstay on the NYC show circuit, SLAM ONE DOWN has performed with national acts like Drowning Pool, Bleeding Through, Powerman 5000, Unearth, Full Blown Chaos, Mushroomhead, Emmure, Veil of Maya, God Forbid, Generation Kill, Periphery, Revocation, and Killcode. Fusing blistering style with a unique brand of substance (beer funnels, drinking anthems, and a no-holds-barred stage show), S1D is the band that defines hard-hitting fun. The band's first full-length studio album, 'Who Really Wants to Live Forever', was released at the beginning of September. It is available for purchase now on the band's website and Amazon. It will be available on iTunes shortly. Appealing to both die-hard Metalheads and crossover Rock N' Roll fans, 'Who Really Wants to Live Forever' is sure to blaze a trail through a wasteland of uninspired, cookie-cutter Metal - breathing NEW life into the genre.”

“As part of our sponsorship of the No Mercy Metal showcases here in NYC — the most recent of which was held the night before Halloween, October 30th (hence the above photo) — we’ll be highlighting one band from each show here on MetalSucks in an effort to bring the best of the piping hot NYC metal scene to the rest of the world. This edition’s featured band is Slam One Down, whose deathy-thrash attack reminds me at times of Revocation by way of Machine Head. Though Slam One Down aren’t quite as refined as either, they sound like what I might imagine Revocation’s very earliest demos sounding like; there’s plenty of promise here and skill equally divided amongst all the band members. Peep the track “To Live Forever” on their MySpace page, my personal favorite. -VN”

“During my trip to New York I was fortunate enough to see Slam One Down play at Santos Party House after the Opeth show. Not only were these guys cool as shit to hang out with, but they destroyed the stage. They play straight forward metal that makes you want to punch anything in your way. During the show, they performed a Metallica/Pantera medley that was incredible, and the crowd lost their minds. This Saturday they are playing with Merauder, and I suggest everyone go see them if you can. They will tear that place apart and the whole lineup of bands is incredible. Check out the links below for their websites and if you want to buy tickets to the show, click here now! Support The Underground Scene!”

“Taking equal cues on how to make folks move from both hardcore and metal, New Jersey quartet Slam One Down throw down a familiar yet heavy-handed blend of hard nosed music on their eight-track offering THE BASEMENT DEMOS. Striking the fertile middle ground between the brutality of Pantera and Hatebreed, this outfit is hopped up with a hellacious fury that surges through each pummeling riff (“Music, Money & Girls”) and gravel-throated growling vocal (“What I’ve Done”), giving the kids in the pit a soundtrack they feel proud enough of to beat the hell out of each other to. Despite the Hellyeah-esque missteps found when the band opts to change tempos (“Hell Doesn’t Want Me”), Slam One Down provides a barrage of musical firepower that contains the metallic muscle to summon a full-scale riot on the dancefloor. www.reverbnation.com/slamonedown - Mike SOS”

“Personal favorites of mine on this CD are "Too Far Gone" with it's thuggish Hardcore stomp, "Music,Money & Girls" with it's Pantera meets Crowbar sludginess, and "To Live Forever" with it's gallopy, Iron Maiden-esque main riff.”

“For me the ultimate surprise here, comes in at track 3. "Hell Doesn't Want Me" starts off very mellow, with clean acoustic guitars, and Bobby Brazen crooning with a voice reminiscent of Down-era Phil Anselmo and Zakk Wylde.”

“And c'mon, how can you not love a band that not only does the "Beer Run" song, but also does an acoustic version of it which reminds one of Pantera's "Planet Caravan" cover?!?!”

“Mr. Brazen sounds as evil as ever, with a throat full of whiskey fueled fire, and all the attitude to boot!”

“Slam One Down is, as Jimmy Bower would put it, "All About The Riff!". These guys know how to tear it up the right way, and there is absolutely no lack of groove or rhythm on Slam One Down's "The Basement Demo's".”

“the guys in Slam One Down also bring a mighty *#@%-load of old-school Metal to the table here as well!!! Thrashy riffs, often give way to catchy choruses, killer guitar solo's and yes, even the occasional mosh-friendly breakdown.”

““an absolutely crushing attitude on top of a laid back party metal aspect that will fester inside everybody’s brain that hears it.””

Bobby Brazen - Brazen Times