Slagerij / Press

“Slagerij are a 3 piece ska-punk outfit from Swindon, the band were formed in late 2007, since then they have developed an ever growing reputation with their unique catchy music which certainly packs a punch. The band have worked tirelessly on their own material to release a debut EP (released 2008) plus two entirely self-recorded and produced albums (released 2010 & 2011), but it is the buzz from playing gigs that they enjoy best. Having played around much of the UK and even taking in a brief US west-coast tour in 2010, they have performed alongside such acts as 4ft Fingers, Random Hand, Citizen Fish, Orange, Big D and the Kids Table and Assorted Jelly Beans plus a whole host of others. Their own original infectious sound and combined energetic live performances are certainly on the edge of mayhem but the band masterfully retain full control of their performance, Slagerij are simply a must see band. The brand new single “Non Stop Party Machine” is due for release on 20th April 20”

“''Slagerij are a band who have played out of their skin every time I've seen them. It doesn't matter how many people are there, what the weather's like - I think they'd storm a set even if you hacked their arms off midway through.''”