Slackeye Slim / Press

"It's Red Headed Stranger filtered through a punk rock past and plenty of hours spent listening to Ennio Moriccone and Leonard Cohen."

“2011 Album of the Year”

"An aural equivalent of Oliver Stone’s faux news footage in Natural Born Killers applied to Robert Rodriguez’s Desperado series."

“2011 Album of the Year ”

“Essential listening”

"Every once in a while, an album comes along that changes everything. It’s an album that inspires other albums, and dynamic shifts in tastes and approach throughout a sector of music, while at the same time dashing the dreams of other artists, as the purity and originality are way too much to attempt to rival. Slackeye Slim’s El Santo Grial, La Pistola Piadosa is one of those albums."

"Johnny Cash meets Pink Floyd meets Hank III meets Jim Morrison"

"With the release of Slackeye Slim's El Santo Grial: La Pistola Piadosa we need to realize that we have a truly great artist on our hands."

"The music is fearful, chaotic, but intelligent, and paints a vivid picture into the mind of anyone listening."

"Sounds like Ennio Morricone, Calexico, Dick Dale and Tom Waits collaborated to write the soundtrack for a dark western."

“Slackeye Slim's bloody brand of new roots music combines the heart and honesty of southern soul with the sick reality of a pre-apocalyptic America.”

Shooter Jennings

“Slackeye Slim is the alias of Joe Frankland, a rural Wisconsinite whose music is heavily influenced by blues, folk and classic country music with a twist of psychedelic instrumentation and first-person cowboy narrative. ”

Quad City Times

“Slackeye Slim is no poet at all. He's more of a novelist, setting his stories to music as spoken-word songs, and forcing you to see in your head every last detail of his visions.”

J. Oliver Johnson - Welfare Radio

“Slackeye Slim is a performer who combines the story telling prowess of Red Sovine with the eerie temperament of "The Twilight Zone," set to music reminiscent of Jimmy Martin with a backdrop of the Old West.”

Section 08 Productions - Montana

"The best band in Montana."

The ZACC Basement - Missoula, MT