Skywriter / Press

“Copenhagen's Skywriter comes seemingly out of nowhere to deliver a remarkably strong debut record…. The sound is dark, melancholic, uplifting, deep, and poignant. Lyrically it's a cut above most… There's not a weak song on here….Easily my favorite release so far in 2006. ”

“. Lead vocalist Jakob Dahn sounds like a dusty union between Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen – a Danish version of Morrissey (shutter)…. Now all I need is a car to listen to this in, while cruising down a deserted main street. These guys are going to make it big. (4/5 ****) ”

Lowcut Magazine

“Dark and delirious debut from Denmark’s Skywriter, one of the strongest debuts in recent memory and likely to end up in my Top Ten for the year! Led by vocalist Jakob Dahn, he of the Leonard Cohen/Nick Cave/Morrissey-esque pipes and otherwise ruthless charms...”

“Eine starke Scheibe einer Band, von der wir noch hören werden. Absolut empfehlenswert.(16/18*)”

““Skywriter goes from the urban hymn New York, which is rock´n´rolling several stocks above the cliché, to the duet Passengers which is really a kind of it’s own. Here Skywriter fills out the track with their own unfailing emotive surrender. Hear it!””