""SKySWiM"" / Press

“SkySwim is a very encouraging artist. A sense of grandure and mystery. Get ready for a journey through the spectrum of human emotion.”

Dream on Fire - Reverbnation Artist

“Wow! Your compositions are truly amazing. This is some very original work both lyrically and musically. Awesome instrumentation”

“Professional yet artistic and creative. Love it with all my soul and heart. You will make it. Skyswim is awesome, with passion and feel.”

“You have so many things I wish I had: your boat load of talent, your studio skill and your wonderful ear for melody. O well, I can dream.”

“The genius of Arnie Stanton is obvious - my participation in his art always pushes me to the edge of my creative vista. In his latest offering "TIVO My Message" - I sing his intriguing lyrics accompanied by the SkySwim Orchestra, conducted by Sir Astor Plynth”

"I am deadly serious when I suggest to you that you write a story, produce a series of tracks and create a mini opera – for it would surely be a massive download hit, and could be signed to a record label."

"How many genres are colliding here? I don't know, I lost count at about 11! I love music that boldly goes where the timid are afraid to step. Wild and well done, thanks for the audio roller coaster ride!"

"How creative and original. What a great imagination you have. If only we could keep the imaginations that we had in childhood. What a world this would be."

"Your songs are quite innovative, and your messages in the songs everyone can relate to, but you don't often hear them in songs. That's kind of what made George Carlin popular. He spoke of things in such an articulate way that were true, and people identified with. Thanks for the music."