Skylime / Press

““The Both of Us” will stand as a truly professional release from an unsigned band, which I think is very likely to attract some attention in the near future."”

Max Puhala - Hear This Promotions

“Skylime has a unique sound, pulling influences from a wide variety of genres including hard-core, indie, punk rock and dance-pop.”

Claire Teague - The Campus

“The elements of ska and dance in their music mixed with vocalist Rich Bisker’s passionate screams were surprising.”

“With eccentrically titled tracks such as “Geppetto Rape Boogie” and “A Redneck’s Rebuttal,” the Pennsylvania rockers bring something new to the Buffalo music scene.”

“Skylime won the title of "Road to the Sphinx" finalist in Buffalo and beat out seven bands for the opportunity to be signed to Sumerian Records.”

"Skylime is the only metalcore band worth listening to! On the other hand, they are also the most aggressive power pop band worth listening to!"

John Charles Stahlman - Artless Nonculture

"Skylime just does their own thing, trying to sound different while still catering to many different kinds of music listeners"

The Bradford Era - The Bradford Era

"Skylime has kept busy with shows throughout western Pennsylvania and New York. They continue to book shows in PA and surrounding states in hopes of expanding their fan base and gaining wider exposure."