Sky in the Road / Press

“Warm voices and instrumentation create a beautiful setting for these sensitive, folksy songs, making this one of the best albums we've reviewed. Potent lyrics bring self-understanding and a sense of involvement, and the composition of tunes is satisfying and joyful; harmonies are pure, light, and very beautiful. Delightful. Highly recommended.”

Mary Heckler - Heartsong Review

“With a contemporary country sound, Oregon artists Rhiger and Rahmana spin out 10 inspirational, soul-searching songs, from the upbeat title cut with old-timey fiddle by Skip Parente to the mellow love ballad "Willing Embrace." Though their vocals are far different (Rhiger is a husky tenor and Rahmana is a lovely soprano), when melded during duets, the effect works quite well. Covered are the splendid Kate Wolf tune "Brother Warrior", with percussion by Goat Medicine Whistle, and "Secret One," written by Zuleikha (coupled with the Rhiger tune "I am singing"). Rhiger plays most of the instruments (guitar, synth, bass, etc,) while a few others add their talents, most notably Mark Bosnian, playing piano on a few cuts, and Skip Parente's fiddle. This is a smooth, melodious listen that combines country and folk stylings to great effect.”

“This duo puts on a great show! The harmonium is a special treat for the audience. It's a pleasure to hear and work with these fine musicians.”