Sky Hi / Press

“(Translated from French) Despite their mines meek, for they landed rock the house. Their technique is simple, full of good intentions initially, they will soften in a deep soul and then, without warning, you steered with a devastating funk.”

“The group have been honing their style together for nearly a decade and they’ve put a polished edge on it that cuts straight to the heart of the groove. Whether it’s a bossa beat, straight funk, soulful salsa, or borderline jazz, these guys have it down.”

“The 11-track release is unmistakable Sky Hi from the first few seconds: the funk groove of the guitar and bass intertwined with the hi-hat driven beat to set the foundation for Murfreesboro’s finest horn section, the long vibrato and funk-punch of the organ, as well as Dee Adams’s unmistakable voice tirelessly running up and down.”

“They have the vocals, the licks, and the horns. Do not miss this band. Repeat and rinse.”

“...they released Sweetie Pie, a two-song recording that liquefied soul and funk—in a hot and sugary mess of horns, sax and organ—and dripped it onto a piece of vinyl. Their new 45, Junkyard Dog, also released through G.E.D. Soul Records mirrors the same magic...”

"They were always a good band, but over the last couple of years they have deepened their mastery of the funk, developing the kind of intuition that makes an outfit truly soulful."

“For those of you who like uncut, hard-grooving funk, you CANNOT miss Tennessee-based outfit Sky Hi. With horns blazing and frontman Derobert belting out the vocals, these guys will have the dance floor bumping in no time flat. ”

“It's funky. It's modern. And it brings a crowd - onstage and off. Meet nine-piece Sky Hi.”

"....Does soul music get any better? Well, I for one love this and can't wait to hear more from this wonderful group who are upright, sturdy and taking no nonsense...real soul music is alive and well...and available on the superb G.E.D. Soul label. Down South music. Without any barriers."

“It’s Marvin Gaye meets Parliament, plus the influence of a slew of other soulful pioneers who first nailed down a groove, from Duke Ellington to Dave Brubeck. Sky Hi has crafted a suave, smart and sunny first release that says romance and party all at once.”

“(Original article in French.)"Given the quality of the group, we can also surprised they have not yet exploded globally but I feel that cannot be long."”

"...deep-funk maestros par excellence. We always thought Dee, their lead singer, had one of the best sets of pipes in the six-one-five..."

"...it’s the vocals we like the most — subtle and soulful, and a lot warmer than the usual funky single — almost feeling like some great lost early 70s Free Soul album track amidst the sweet keyboard lines!"