SKYFOX / Press

“They (SKYFOX) write songs so hooky they should be fined for not having a fishing license”

“When you have a band that sounds just as good live as they do recorded, you have found something rare my friend, and that is something that sets them apart from the rest.”

“SKYFOX came to party. For real. Talk about four dudes who really enjoy playing their music. What's more, Hill has the same style and swagger as Billy Joe Armstrong.”

“Skyfox is like “The Terminator” of the Colorado music scene. Skyfox learns, adapts, takes valuable criticism to heart and never ever stops!”

“This album (Twilight EP) reminds me why punk rock will forever have a place in the universal musical collective. On a scale of one to ten I would rate this disc an “eight of ten.””

“If you like/d Blink 182, give Skyfox a listen. These guys know how to ROCK a show! A local Denver, Colorado band with a lot of heart, enthusiasm, and, of course, those feel-good dance-your-arse-off songs. As if we need to bring good music to Denver …”

"Every week I listen to a stack of CDs most of which are from signed artists. Every week it's apparent that no matter what kind of a deal you have, most bands can't write hits. Skyfox instinctively knows how to write hooks that people gravitate to. That's something I don't believe you can teach."

- Nerf (Program Director) - Channel 93.3 (KTCL)