skunkmello / Press

“Getting Cozy with Skunkmello!”

“If Alabama Shakes, Skunkmello grooves, moves, rhythms and blues. The sound is a proper breed of The Blasters, The Black Keys, and The Rolling Stones, yet it has a vintage-pressed authentic sound that transports the audience back to Venice Beach in the 1970s and makes them forget that they are watching some city slack youngsters - some of us are still waiting for the fret board to transform into a surfboard instead.”

“Opening for Toy Soldiers is Skunkmello. Based in New York, Skunkmello is rougher around the edges. The band has also got the blues, but the electric guitar wails throughout its repertoire, giving it a hard rock element. Matt Bartlett is on guitar, vocals and harmonica; Ed Cuervo is on bass; Jonn Ori is on the drums; and Dan Spencer is on the keyboards and synthesizer.”

“This week’s featured band is very new to the station, but skunkmello made quite an impression from the very start. This bluesy NY band debuted just a few weeks ago, and instantly shot to the top of the Top 10 Countdown, receiving 100% “thumbs up” form our listeners. The music is a very refreshing take on rock, or as they describe it, a groove-based gutter flow of street-swing and sewer blues for the barefooted and absent minded. You can head to skunkmello.com and pick up their EP Whiskey & Oatmeal on a name your price basis (even though you can get it for free, throw this band a few bucks for support!). Skunkmello will be in the Philly area on March 3rd at The Raven Lounge with Andrew Winter & The Reckless Dodgers. They’ve also got shows form NY to Baltimore so check out their Facebook page for tour dates. They’ll be in heavy rotation all week, and you can hear a track at the beginning of every Gashouse Live. So tune in, and mark your calendars for March 3rd!”