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“Hey man, great show the other night. Been listening to your CD. \m/.”

“Enjoy this RAWKIN' dynamic duo from Youngstown, Ohio. Drew Johnson and Roxanne Johnson know the meaning of work hard and play hard. Check them out for a Jaw dropping show that will show you the true meaning of ROCK. Performing an all ORIGINAL set these two wonderful people are awesome both on and off the stage. I highly recommend this father and daughter duo.”

DJ Evie - DJ Evie

“Interesting to see you guys do an acoustic set. Roxanne Johnson I love how you can have such a sweet voice, then kill it on the mic! You guys are great.”

Rachael Schneider - Rachael Schneider

"Not only are the members of Skull’Rz Bane extremely driven individuals, they have killer music that has blown fans away across the region. The crushing thrash-like riffs of “White Crosses” and “Run For Your Life” can appease even the most jaded metal fan, while others like “Welcome to My Prison” and “Masterpiece” showcase their incredibly tight musicality as a two-piece heavy metal band, with the latter also showcasing Roxanne’s unique vocal ability. "

“There is a local/regional band that has grown by leaps and bounds over the last year. After an almost tragic home invasion, surguries, and full recovery while defending his brilliant daughter and bands drummer SKULL'RZ BANE has become one of northeast Ohios premiere heavy metal/hard rock ORIGINAL BANDS. They have a performance that cannot be ignored. A two member band that creates a full sound that some four piece bands could be in awe of. I look forward to 2013 becoming a break out year for SKULL'RZ BANE.”

“Rocker longs to return to stage after knife attack The night of Aug. 28 started off as a typical one for Drew Johnson, guitarist for local rock band Skull’Rz Bane. But it turned into a shocking hell that left him with multiple stab wounds at the hands of a stranger who had broken into his house. He was left lying in a pool of his own blood, his abdomen opened up by a vicious blade attack, and his daughter holding his flesh together to keep him from bleeding to death.”