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“My good buddy Uncle Marv (Marvin Phillips, bass and vocals for Skull Pin) promised me first crack at their new album when it was ready for release. Well, he kept that promise and I have spent many wonderful hours listening to Bullet over and over and over and over...joy and rapture! Self-described as a metal band I would like to take this moment to give them their own genre that I call “Arizona Hardcore.” While their music is definitely heavy enough to make the Chernobyl nuclear accident look like a minor chemical spill Marvin’s signature vocal sound takes the music somewhere unexpected, somewhere we all yearn to be; in a circle pit going fucking crazy.”

"Skull Pin, music from the desert that will melt your face!"

CCGetty - METALHEADS UNITED/Metal Nation Radio

“I want to mention the song “Steem” really quick. This is my favorite track off of this release. For one reason, the guitar solo about 3/4 the way through is sick! The other reason is Marvin’s vocals really stand out and are in your face for most of the songs existence. I cannot leave out the drums. The drums were also one of my favorite parts of this song. Every other song comes in at a close second and it was hard to pick another one to talk about. That is the main reason why I didn’t give this album a 9 rating is because about half of the songs have a similar sound to them. But that is typical thrash fashion and as long as they do it well, I’m all for it. So, don’t let that persuade you to not giving these guys a chance. Basically, if you love the old school thrash sound, these guys will give you eargasms all over your place. I’m pretty sure my lamp is broken and I may have twisted my ankle because of the shenanigans that went down at my place, listening to this!!”

“Skull Pin is a thrash metal trio from the depths of Arizona, Tucson to be exact. This album has all eras of thrash written all over it!! I sense Toxic Holocaust, Municipal Waste and Slayer right off the bat. Marvin’s vocals at times has an Agnostic Front feel to them as well. Have I gotten your attention yet? Good because this album is raw, aggressive, dirty and a no fucks were given attitude. I just have to put it out there, Marvin is one of the best promoters from a band I have seen! He is out there every day promoting Skull Pin and wanting people to check them out. Now, on to the review. I grew up on this style of thrash so I am able to appreciate it and it brings me back to growing up and how AWESOME my childhood was.”

“Man these dudes ROCK!! Hope they can make it to TN some time!!”

“Skull Pin is a crushing 3 piece Metal assault out of Tuscon, AZ. They bring a bit of an old school approach and bring the essence of Metal”

“This band, if picked up by a label, are ready for the bigtime.....and are the perfect cure to the Scene Kid Pussies I see today. This is music by men, who don't whine and play more than their top string.”

“Arizona’s Skull Pin may be on the verge of a break through. Just don’t tell them because we don’t want them to wuss out on us while they’re making great tunes. You know how it goes. A solid group of musicians is seeking fame and fortune so they write an album or two of kick ass tunes that we can’t quit humming when we’re at work. This is where Skull Pin is right now.”

Jim Dodge - Mass Movement Magizine

“Eight songs, eight heart stopping musical movements that are guaranteed to grace your MP3 player forever. The riffs are catchy, the players as tight as any veteran act and the vocal delivery is just fucking cool. Marvin (bass, vocals) sounds like Prong’s Tommy Victor by way of the department store Santa from A Christmas Story. And I mean this in the very best way possible. It gives them kind of a biker metal sound which I truly adore. Not to demean the lyrical content, no sir. These aren’t drug fueled abstract pieces or political speeches, these are stories told in rhyming form with a background of grinding, angry metal. I can hear many influences here ranging from hardcore to death metal. They stir this up, slam it down and make it work so well it’s only on the second or third listen that we realize that Skull Pin has influences, rather than being a completely new beast the world has never seen. I’ve never been to their state, but they put me in a great state of mind.”