“Boston thrashers Skull Hammer were next to take the stage, and take it by storm they did. Shifting tempos and energy levels into overdrive, the band is all about speed, but it's penchant for injecting NWOBHM-infused melodies into it's thrash serves to keep proceedings lively and memorable. Like all good power trios (Destruction, Exciter, Motorhead) each member is adept at his instrument, whether it be singer and lead guitarist Steve "Ace" Hammer living up to his namesake with crushing mid to upper tempo riffs and barking lyrics in a clean, powerful delivery, bassist Nick Ferrero's heavy grooves and backing vocals, or the way drummer Chris Gervais attacks the kit with reckless abandon.”

“Skull Hammers' retro-influences are evident and pronounced, but the band has managed to forge it's own thrash style, and for that they have earned my respect. This is a band that bears watching and certainly deserves that major labels take notice..Fans of 80's and 90's metal will find much to like on this one, and I heartily recommend it.”

“U.S. thrash strikes again in Skull Hammer a trio from Massachusetts that doesn't fall into the the typical trappings of Exodus, Slayer, Metallica or Anthrax....The bands influences are are all ingrained into the sound, so revel and enjoy what you have in front of you. If old-school thrash is what you're currently into or never left behind, check out these guys and support them.”

“Enter Skull Hammer a new band that I had the pleasure of discovering a short time ago. While they take their main point of coursefrom some of the more extreme classic bands like Slayer and Kreator , they also show a great influence from traditional heavy metal and the NWOBHM sound that is still so sorely missed to this day. What this means is that the new album Pay It In Blood should appeal to just about anybody that listens to metal from the 80's and early 90's and is a refreshingly different take on the Thrash Metal genre....but very few albums so far in 2010 have given me as much of an overall feeling of escapism to a simpler time than what PAY IT IN BLOOD did, and for that I am very grateful to have heard it and also very willing to recommend it to everybody that reads this review. Rating 9/10 *********”

“If you appreciate quality thrash with excellent musicianship, and some mind opening lyrics, than heathens and ragers, I command you to hammer that metal into your heads, and do not save the Skull for last!”

"The album makes you want to hit the gym or the next person you see in the face while drinking a beer while driving a motorcycle while getting a tattoo. It is the manliest album ever recorded. No man should be without it. Skull Hammer is an unstoppable force that will decimate everything in it's path. You should pay for it in cash or else you may just pay it in blood."