“Longstanding fans of this type of metal will definitely dig every track on Through the Smoke. Gritty but clear, slow but aggressive, old-school but modern--Skulldron taps into every facet of stoner metal and doom. Mushrooms will dance about your head as the smoke turns to mist and you find yourself lost in the confines of your own mind. Inhale and enjoy.”

“LOVE all the other bands, but these cats sucked me and and I got all their CDs. Skulldron has something about them that is just fantastic! Be sure to tune to this weeks Sunday Sludge to get a real taste of their newest album Through The Smoke.”

MIke Trujillo - Arizona Heavy Metal and Valhalla Radio LIVE

“Unlike many other Stoner-Metal bands, everything about these dudes is saturated with a genuine Stoner mentality. Listening to them is like hearing a bong-rip translated into guitar distortion. Fucking badass.”

"Over the course of two years they have steadily amassed a body of work that is at once possessed of a fervent and unrelenting devotion to aesthetic progression and perfection while simultaneously scaling the summits of power with their distinct “desert groove” sound to put Albuquerque, NM on the map once and for all."

“Albuquerque’s Skulldron turn up the doom metal with “Flower in the Disease,” and this track is among my favorites of the CD, simply because I am a follower of anything doom. Anyway, Skulldron bring it, and bring it hard. Slow, heavy, with just a hint of melody—dooooom! ”

“Skulldron on Bleach bangs”

“Check out Metal examiners interview with SKULLDRON.”

"Fans of doom metal should step up and acquire a copy of Liber Unum. And if you have a chance to see Skulldron live anywhere in New Mexico, you will not be disappointed. I can’t wait to hear this band’s next CD."

"Albuquerque NM’s own SKULLDRON. They put on a blazing set to open the day and fire up the crowds for the rest of the amazing artists. The doom laden melodies of SKULLDRON are reminiscent of DOWN and CROWBAR. Thanks SKULLDRON for starting us off right! We also caught up with them towards the end of the day for an interview." Rock U Night

" They are exactly what you’re expecting when you think old school metal. A nice group of folks, humble, talked to the audience with respect and gratitude. Played great and the songs were good. Satisfying metal. I’d see them again in a heartbeat."

"Playing their instruments at mammoth volume, Skulldron have people in Albuquerque, NM starting to take notice. The band fuses elements of classic heavy metal, southern rock, and a smidgen of doom while incorporating dark horror-inspired lyrics into their songs. The band is currently writing songs for a full-length album. In the meantime, check out some of their songs available for preview on Reverb Nation."

"...local band, Skulldron, was the clear winner as they rocked out with their skull-crushing, “desert stoner groove” type of music which is actually worth hearing! Hopefully we’ll hear more from these badasses who took the title of Band Champions home that night."

“Although this reviewer is admittedly metalist, Skulldron's awesome band name (although there should be an umlaut over the o) conquered my bigotry and I popped this demo disk into the player the minute it arrived. The overall sound is Sabbath Bloody Sabbath or Motörhead but with Chris Cornell singing. It's not fast, but it's heavy. Metal. If Skulldron's style might be slightly derivative, the band counteracts that with its own killer crunchy riffs and the fact that Ray Cordova can seriously belt it out. Kudos to the drummer for using only one kick drum with a single kick pedal. One of these tunes is a sound board recording and indicates the band delivers a great live performance. Definitely go see the band live.”