Skull And Bone Band / Press

“The swamp-rock devils of the Skull and Bone Band -- singer Troy Youngblood, guitarist Jeramy Martin, bassist Chris Brown and drummer Mike Schuman -- have been jammin', riffin' and playin' swampy bar blues for years. ”

“Genre-jumping is the hallmark of any good jam rock band and Tampa’s Skull & Bone Band does it well in their new album, The Happy Circus. The title track a surprisingly tasty reggae-flavored number with a tilt and bounce rhythm and guitarist/singer Troy Youngblood’s deep, coarse vocals opening and closing each verse with a catchy rumble of rabble-dabble-dee-bomb-dee-dow scatting; “1969” has a swinging, blues rock appeal, as does “Appalacian Swing,” although the latter moves at a a faster-paced, vintage-flavored shuffle; and “Soul Fish” showcases the band’s trademark Southern fried soul rock against a country slow amble.”

Leilani Polk - Creative Loafing

“The Skull and Bone Band seems like the kind of group that has accumulated a hoard of Marlboro Miles. Rugged, irreverent and hilarious at times, the blues-rock-country-folk-jam-miscellaneous act will celebrate the release of The Devil Smells Like Bourbon on Friday. The Tampa group is led by Troy Youngblood, whose vocals evoke Jim Morrison, Duane Allman and William Shatner, sometimes within the same track.”

Carole Giambalvo - St. Petersburg Times

"Skull and Bone Band is much more than a redneck punk and improv-jam act. The Tampa quartet defies prevailing notions of rock classifications with soulful vocals, gritty irreverence and dizzying skill. And they're freaking hilarious."

Julie Garisto - Tampa Bay Times