Skreech / Press

“Nice work on ya mix! {BEP remix}”

“Black Eyed Peas - I gotta feelin’ {Skreech Nozil Top Remix} is Fierce!”

“Walking on Clouds and Gitty Up are both great tracks. Skreech is a genius!”

“OMG!!! IVE ALL ways loved the original of In a dream but the way u tweeked this, amazing u made my my week THANK U!”

“Walking on Clouds, a track by Tiesto remixed to perfection by Skreech!”

“ Your music is really superb. :D”

“Dark Matter tis a wicked track! - love that beat.”

“Awsome!!! Keep up the great work !!! Even my 62 year old mother loved it.”

“your sound so cool! (^w^)♪ ”

“man...your tracks are pretty bad ass man...im diggin that trancey sound....love it...keep it goin good man...peace”

“Prelude 2 Light rox my sox, babe! * Beams * ; )”

“Love your music!”

“nice musica!!!”