SKrap UP / Press

“Nice, Hip Hop Like its supposed to be!”

“the boy is only spitting real life facts. Not every woman but there area few like this tune is tellin”

“a breath of fresh air in this industry-WOW! Maggie in london uk”

“Yea!!! Great with the Music!”

“Hey I Love this Song (She Aint Tha One) It is the best song of yours!”

“Love This (Lyrical Katrina 260 Barz) One!!”

“Your Music Is Very Interesting”

“Love This Song (I Love You I Hate You) So Calm And easy Listening, Flow Is Great!”

“i smaak this sound its duidelik keep it up neh:)”

“*Skrap Up* Is The Best!!”

“*Skrap Up* Is The Best!!”

“*Skrap Up* Is The Best!!”

“*Skrap Up* Is The Best!!”

“*Skrap Up* Is The Best!!”

“Keep That Idea of melody in your music, I like the storyline in your lyrics!”

“You Make Great Music!”

“I will Play Your Music Often Its Off The Chain!!!!”

“straight from the heart- make it fly straight”


“yo what's up? I just checked out your tracks and they are damn nice, i like your style... voted your songs hot, no doubt! keep up the good work...”

“yo i respect your music man, I cant wait for tha ablum (Navy Blu) to drop ”

“lovin yo shit , nice unique style, keep it hot!! all bullshit aside, u's da shit bra.that upstate go in hard as shit”

“Yo, yo bruv like the fire ya bringing on your latest tracks mate, pure heat from the street dawg. You got skills in the masses just keep the speakers blasting, beats banging, and the hoods jamming fo realz seen..”

“dam i like it, and you make my foot go up and down so hard core.Could Maybe Clean it up a lil but other than that its cool.”

“you Rap very well , the words are hard and angry , but that is you , the lyrics tell it, sounds real good.”

“whoa....how long u been goin' so hard for!?”

“Yeah cool rapping wish I could do it! Must say well produced quality sound. Have added -SKrap U.P's "Better Disappear"- to my play list. I shall come back & listen again. Keep it up,Best Wishes..(NOTE:This is from a straight up country cat, who never had an interest in rap music-S.K.Rap U.P.)”

“shits fire cuzo me that book of rymes shits hot as fuck”

“i'm really feeling that 24/7 track i need that exclusive holla at me”

“keep doin ya thang we love da music make sure you bless us (Our Magazine/website) with your music”

“Yeah cousin you already know,your music is official cuz. I really like that permantly pissed Song..”

“Yo thats that easy r&b hip hop like back in the day .”

“(I Love You I Hate You)is AWESOME!”

“(Coming Home With Me) Sounds Pretty Good”

“I really like That (I Love You I Hate You)”

“really like ur style good luck”

"MHMMMM...I Really Like Your Tunes"

"I Love Your This Song"(I Love You I Hate You)

"Like Tha Beat, Love The Lyrics"

"(I Love You I Hate You) Is A Pro Song"

"A breathe of Fresh Air...Enjoyed The Flow"