“Starting off the show with a local Christian rock band, I began to get the sinking feeling that ALL of the bands were going to be like this, but shortly after the second band Skinner hit the stage and proclaimed “We are not a Christian band”, I felt saved. Skinner was formed from the ashes of former Bay Area power metal and thrash band Imagika. During their first song, I would not have known this because due to a technical oversight, no sound was coming out of the singer’s microphone. I did hear the rest of the band however and could tell that they would stand out musically as the most intense band of the night. They were obviously not promoting a power metal image though, as bass player Jim Pegram mimicked Fieldy of KoRn and played his instrument low, drummer Ramon Ochoa had extremely fast double-bass drum triggers to rival any death metal band, and the fill-in 2nd guitar player was lead guitar player Robert Kolowitz’s 13 year-old son!”

“SKINNER, the new band featuring Rob Kolowitz (IMAGIKA, RAPID FIRE, HELLHOUND, BLACKSTORM), Jim Pegram (IMAGIKA, NITEMARE, BAPHOMET, HARUM SCARUM), Ramon Ochoa (TOTAL ECLIPSE, MALADICTION, DOWN FACTOR, CRYPTOREUM, MACHINE.CALLED.MAN) and Norman Skinner (TRAMONTANE, UTOPIAN TRAP, CONSEQUENCE OF CHAOS, MACHINE.CALLED.MAN, IMAGIKA), has begun writing material for its debut album. The group, which is currently seeking a second guitarist, plans to start playing out next spring.”