“After announcing the recording of their first album and back to rehearsals for concerts that are being scheduled, SKINLEPSY offers a preview of ‘Condemning The Empty Souls’. This is the song ‘Global Desolation’ still without mastering. All work of recording and production is being done in São Paulo, at Studio 44 under the tutelage of prominent producer Beto Toledo, professional who has gained notoriety for his perfectionism and respect with the bands he works. ‘Condemning The Empty Souls’ is in the final stages of mastering and soon SKINLEPSY will provide us more news about the job. The band, formed in 2003 and reunited in 2011, features musicians who have passed through bands like Siegrid Ingrid, Nervochaos, Anthares, Skullkrusher, Pentacrostic and Opera. Contact for concerts and merchandise: skinlepsy@hotmail.com Related sites: www.facebook.com/Skinlepsy www.myspace.com/skinlepsy www.metalmedia.com.br/skinlepsy ”

“...não chega a ser exatamente uma surpresa a boa qualidade do que ouvimos no CD-Demo de estréia do Skinlepsy, "Reign of Chaos". A experiência dos músicos envolvidos fica evidente logo na primeira faixa, "Crucial Words", um verdadeiro massacre. Ela é seguida por mais dois ótimos temas, tão matadores quanto, que vão naquela mesma linha do Thrash Metal extremo que marcou a carreira do Siegrid Ingrid. Tudo permeado por ótima produção que só enaltece as qualidades do grupo.”

Revista ROCK BRIGADE (ROCK BRIGADE Magazine) - Brazil

“Formado por ex-integrantes do Siegrid Ingrid, o Skinlepsy apresenta toda sua agressividade na demo "Reing Of Chaos". O disco contem três faixas do mais puro Thrash Metal. "Crucial Words" que abre o CD é a melhor música. Vocais gritados e guturais são uma das marcas do conjunto. Outras características são as guitarras nervosas e a cozinha pesada e bem trabalhada.”

A.R.J. - Revista COMANDO ROCK (COMANDO ROCK Magazine) - Brazil

““Semi-guttural howled vocals distilling acidic intelligently lyrics and in slightly over a half hour set fire in our ears. Since the optimal Crucial Words, which opens the disc categorically, through the title track, Alienation and the varied Pride And Rancour we have a good summary of what this job is.””

““In general, Condemning The Empty Souls establishes good paradigms for Thrash Death Metal well played. Despite effective production that exalts all instruments on a team, it is possible to note, for real, that the trio is bound for ass kicking. From start to finish, satisfaction is guaranteed””

““The CD has a great level of compositions with tracks eyes bouncing as the brute and technical ‘Crucial Words’, where the drums stands out quite well by the rhythmic conduction variety, as in ‘Condemning the Empty Souls’, where Bass drums are amazing, as are the riffs and guitar solos;””

““Experience is not lacking among the musicians, after all, the cited members have passages in curriculum through bands like Nervochaos, Siegrid Ingrid, Pentacrostic, Anthares, among others and exude competence and technique along the songs.””

““I was taken by storm right off the bat, the energy emanating from this CD is so big that if it catches us unaware, the consequences are terrible!””