Skinbound / Press

“A SKINBOUND show is more than just a show, its a full on sensory overload due to unparalleled lights an stage action leaving you in awe with mind blowing imagery and high energy drive. ”

-Artvoice Magazine

"As far as new bands go, it is extremely rare to see one who's only released two albums and show extreme promise. Hell, I've heard bands who have sold ten albums and still aren't half of what this band's first album was. If you don't like bands such as Coal Chamber, White Zombie, and Static-X then you probably won't like them simply because those are their influences. I, personally, am extremely intrigued by this band, it's been a long time that I've heard anything similar to CC or old Static-X."


"This month I had the chance to sit down and listen to what I consider to be a great metal band from Buffalo, NY known as Skinbound. I was immediately drawn into their music which mixes a combination of hard thrash with complex guitars, and slower metal that grooves like the days of Sabbath. I enjoyed the clarity of the lyrics and the distinctive tight transitions that wind throughout the songs. Skinbound takes you from very hard metal into hardcore thrash and back within one song. The lyrical content is outstanding and the band obviously is not afraid to address a few concerns that they have with the church. We are looking forward to check this band out live and loud. If you like good metal that is different, hard, and also complicated then this is the band for you. They will be climbing the metal rungs quick so check them out!"

Moe - Twisted Hillbilly Magazine