Skiip Luciano / Press

“now thats how u put the bull city on the map ....keep doing what u doing skip i got yr back B.C.F djz”

D.j. Whitted - facebook

“Smokin rite now listen to enjoi the hi but ill let u go bro we def gota spark a L tho ”

Kurt - facebook

“Skip Gibbs the hunger is on replay! ”

“Mr. Blu still my shit tho keep em rollin #1 Fan for real”

“man all your shit is striaght with me. when you coming to NC for a show hook up with wiz and make it happen. your winston show was insane!!”

“I seen him at a party last night in Riverwalk. they were playin all his shit and goin ham and he was walkin around like it wasnt him on the stereo.. i burned one with him.. cool as dude. cute too lls..”

Rhea - Facebook

“Skiip Luciano is the new face of Hip-Hop. With his catchy, clear delivery and out of the norm lyrics, add that to his "sleep when your dead" attitude and you have a star in the making. He is sure to put North Carolina on the map once again.”

Josh Pertins - G-VEGAS Magazine

“Yeah man this shit hot were can I download this @?!?”