Skeleton Dick / Press

"The interview I conducted with them about it remains the single most ridiculous thing that I have ever done"

“Skeleton Dick were all too happy to cause a scene of their own”

“creamy zingers”

“Skeleton Dick arrived up top, clearly determined to have more fun than anyone else”

“2012 Best Punk Award Winners!”

“HPMA Showcase 2012”

“You Had Me At Skeleton Dick: 10-Reasons Why ... ”

“2012 HPMA Best Punk Nominee!”

“The new full-length release from Houston’s own five-headed punk rock hydra, Skeleton Dick proves that it has been well worth the wait after just one listen through”

“Rising like a bruise!”

“Skeleton Dick Wins 2011 Best Punk Houston Press Music Award!”

“2011 Houston Press Music Awards Nominees!”

“Skeleton Dick: Decoding Houston's No. 1 Punk Band's Stupid Name”

“Houston musicians don't take the holidays off”

“Skeleton Dick: 3-D and Dinosaurs for Christmas”

“CD Release Mania”

“A dream Asleep vs. Skeleton Dick”

“2010 Houston Press Music Awards: Best Punk Winner”

“We Missed The Opening Band”

“I heard they were good, but I'm going to check out the hipster show that night instead.”

“Houston Press Music Awards Nominee Best Punk 2009”

“The guy who wrote this was not there when we played. What a shithead poser.”

“I like a he-she with a sense of humour. Great band name too!”