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“Check Out "Do You" By S-Ka-Paid On Justlookuncut”

“Check Out "Do You" By S-Ka-Paid On CrunkAtlanta”

“First Artist Chosen For A Rap Interview On Rap Canadian Rap.”

“Word. Man I'm pretty sure everyday one of your statuses just builds my respect for you. Great artist, and a great man. Big ups dude.”

“Classified, Papoose, Wiz Khalifa, Paid, Mac Miller. Not a top 5, but fav 5”

“big fan awesome tracks really feeling the mind behind the music congradulations”

“Ya, peep some more tracks by S-Ka-Paid tracks on youtube, he's got the top LOCKED”

“Tight shit homie, I can def tell a Jr writer swag”

“man eminem signed yelawolf and not this fool wtf is he thinking? he needs to find lyricsist”

“@SuperChristopherZ r u hating on ska paid? haha he knows what he is spitting if u want to be a lyricsist u need to read the dictionary and the encyclapidea..”

“1 DISLIKE!! wtf thats B.s this is siiick”


“yes bro,ur albums banging bro,track for track,straight up!!!!! keep it up,Big up REAL hip hop,peace!!!!!!!!!!”

“Loving this song.....raping the replay button”

“Thanks S-Ka-Paid i like this joint the perfect sleeping remedy for me. 5 Stars”

“This is the best rapper from 2006.. The real first rapper from 2006 till 2010 non stop!”

“f**king dope song man, good job giving peterborough some good local beats”

“Wow I really like this track cuz its so different im used to the pre loaded hooks this shit is dope! I agree with RAWLAC 5 strars across the page!!! Mad love, Cannibal G.”

“Rob, everytime i hear this I get goose bumps...”

“you guys are awesome,if you guys are not signed yet,you should be.keep going strong.you guys have a great future”

“awesome S-Ka-Paid You have big things in your future!”

“this video is great , you rap it so good , the rapgame is in your hand , you stop for a little time , I remember in 2006 now you back , it's so great to have you here kilin the beat so briljant”

“fuckin sick.. way to rep ontario.. mad props from North Bay”

“you got hard lyrics with a sick flow.5*****”

“leave it to S-Ka-Paid to just TEAAAAR UP THE TRACK!! lol Respect Homie, Check My Barz 5*****”

“Thanks For Making This Video #44 - Most Discussed (Today) - Music - Canada and #43 - Top Rated (Today) - Music - Canada respect!!!!!!!!”

“wow when I move their I can actually find out who u areee lmao.. U got big things comin for u”

“damn you have some nice beats you remind me of immortal tech”

“In The Paper”