Sylvana Joyce and The Moment / Press

"The night began with sultry voice and sonorous swing as Sylvana Joyce & The Moment came to play. Sylvana Joyce - a born musician who embraced her grandfather's legacy as a composer - performed with the same intonations and presence of a diva against the tension of [Miles] and Peter's drums and bass and the dance of Christopher and Sean-David's guitar and violin. Mingling a show tune sensibility with a modern baroque pop sound, the very nature of the band felt almost appropriately at home against the piecemeal décor of the Trash Bar as it would have been in the gaslight era of a traveling steampunk carnival."

"...Sylvana Joyce & the Moment get the nod for the most unique act of the night. The music’s got an international feel to it, and more than once I’m reminded of a Broadway show from the mix of the keyboard, drums, and violin players blended with lead singer Sylvana’s experienced vocal command. The music’s easy to move to, and the band shows us just how to do it."

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"...These five classically trained musicians weave their backgrounds of jazz and opera with their own special blend of voodoo that will have you circling the wagons and breaking out the head scarves and absinthe."


"Sylvana Joyce and the Moment gives us a jolt of originality, if not weirdness, with their eclectic gypsy rock/blues combo of music making."

"When listening to the free download 'Me For You' from the act, we picture bare feet dancing on assorted rugs, so much so that we can’t tell if the subtle chimes in the background are actually part of the song or if we’re just imagining them in our music-induced drug stupor."

"Creating an artsy, innovate sound made up of five classically trained musicians, Sylvana Joyce and the Moment is refreshing; a breath of fresh air compared to the usual styles that showcase in NYC."

" ...[Sylvana Joyce and The Moment] offer an interesting blend of influences that are pulled together effortlessly."

"... an artsy, innovate sound..."

"Many of the Nominees also performed, including...the dark, theatrical post-punk of Sylvana Joyce & The Moment, who describe their music as 'gypsy-cabaret-R&B-rockabilly-retropop.'"

“The Hoboken Music Awards will return for the event's second year on Saturday, November 20, honoring the movers and shakers of the local music scene as well as providing an exciting evening of entertainment... [among] nominated are WJ & The Sweet Sacrifice, FiKus, Nipsey, Sylvana Joyce & The Moment, Hey Tiger, and the hard-rocking Cecilia Celeste.”