Siyeric / Press

“The Burque-born Taylor brothers, Thomas and Joel, come together as Siyeric. The instrumentals alone are reminiscent of classic rock, and when the boys chime in with smooth vocals, it is not unlike the charm of a boy band. Nay, the two are not pop in any sense, but the songs are rather catchy. Perhaps it is the jazz influence they allude to on their band website, siyeric. com, which gives their beats the kind of quality you can move with and be moved by. At any rate, it is a relief to hear that the solid sounds of the golden days of rock have not been forgotten by up-and-coming artists.”

Alexandra Swanberg & Nicole Perez - Daily Lobo

“Wednesday, April 7th 2010 The song "The Morning Is Never Awoken" on the album "White Sands Lady", is honored at the FPOW (Former Prisoners of War) Ceremony in Albuquerque, New Mexico.”

Albuquerque Journal