Sixty Long Seconds / Press

“Life With No Regrets is Indie-Music.com featured Editor's pick.”

"You & Me" and "What Would You Do" featured on NECN The Morning Show Soundtrack segment on March 30th, 2011.

“Hey Rock lovers! Wanna listen to rock music with lyrics that actually make sense and that we can relate to in our daily life events? Well, then you gotta listen to “Life With No Regrets”, the first album by Sixty Long Seconds. I’m glad I’ve picked up today a copy of their album. All the lyrics have a great message, that will lift you up and get you singing and jamming in no time! Their first album is composed of 11 tracks, and no, it’s not all hard rock, there are great rock ballads as well: You & Me, What Would You Do, Days Go By, and Moving On. I love them all already! Seriously, this album is worth listening to! These guys owe nothing to many rock bands out there! Even tough these are not listed as their musical influences, I can feel a small resemblance with Metallica, Green Day, and 30 Seconds to Mars, which are bands I love. But I will not spoil it all for you, you gotta check it out for yourself!”

“Single "What Would You Do" is one of the featured soundtracks of the movie Chronicles of Life by Purety Productions.”