Sixty 8 / Press

“Nominated for "Rock Album of the Year" by the L A Music Awards 2009.”

L A Music Awards - L A Music Awards

"Any Race Of Man" Inspirational Song of the Year 2009

L A Music Awards - L A Music Awards

“Sixty 8 is perhaps one of America's best kept secrets where Melodic Hard Rock/Metal is concerned.”

Metal Express Radio - Metal Express Radio

“This is simply solid American melodic hard rock and metal they way it should be done. I knew it existed somewhere. Why people wallow in the mud of Hinder and Nickelback when they could be living in the green grass and high tides of Sixty 8, I'll never understand. We just got to get the word out.”

Craig Hartranft - DangerDog.com

“Impressive, hard hitting big chorus, big riffing melodic rock music and America’s Sixty 8 hit all the right chords in a debut album that is refreshingly straight forward in belting out superb catchy tunes.”

Concrete Web - Concrete Web

“Frankie Banali of Quiet Riot " YOU (Sixty 8) WERE GREAT!”

Quiet Riot

“Sixty 8 has come up with a buffet of choices for music lovers, and everything on it is tasty.”

Metal Underground - Metal Underground

“A great achievement”

Rob Evans - Powerplay Magazine

“Great voice...the band sounds great!!”

Muen Magazine - Muen Magazine

"Before the fall" is an excellent album. A smash hit without record deal, it's outrageous!

Hellspawn Magazine - Hellspawn Magazine

“...bands like Puddle Of Mudd and Shinedown, except that Sixty 8 have cranked up the volume a tad more...”

Sleaze Roxx - Sleaze Roxx

“Appreciate the musicianship and the vocals, too...Love the guitar tones...”

HM Magazine - HM Magazine

“If you think you’ve heard this before it’s just because they curl up under your skin and right into your brain telling your intuition what rock is supposed to sound like.”

Zynne.com - Alternative Rockpit

“This is a grower that may find it's score gradually creeping upwards as time moves on. For now I rate it very highly but feel that last few percentage points of brilliance have yet to reveal themselves. When they do, rest assured the score will reach for the stars. ”

Rock Realms UK - Rock Realms

“Sixty 8 sorta surprised me, as they sound like NICKELBACK would like to sound, which is much more diverse than those Canadian superstars will ever be!”

Strutterzine Magzine - Strutterzine Magazine (Holland)

“worthy of your attention, if you should fancy the raw and mean sound of Guns N' Roses, Skid Row, and just a small hint of Pantera 'ala their 'Cowboys From Hell' period”

Urban "Wally" Wallstrom - Rockunited.com

“Before The Fall is a highly enjoyable cocktail of Dokken, Whitesnake and Skid Row all jamming together in the beginning of the 90's”

Rock Report - Rock Report

“Before the Fall is done in a variety of styles that makes it a special and original album, the bands talent is beyond dispute. ”

Babylon Magazine - Babylon Magazine (Italy)

“…Do yourself a favor and pick up their latest release Before The Fall and you'll become an instant Sixty 8 fan as I did. ”

Jason Houston - Rock Zone Publications

“If you're into old school American hardrock with attitude then check out Sixty 8.”

Melodic.net - Melodic.net

“What more could you ask for in a debut! Attention success!”

HardHarderHeavy - HardHarderHeavy Webzine (Germany)

“A solid album and well worth checking out if you like a retro feel to modern extreme”

Get Ready to Rock - Get Ready to Rock (UK)

“I gotta say - I am very impressed with the songs/the band. ”

Sam Mc Caslin - President/Owner - Retrospect Records

“…suddenly Sixty-8 sounds a bit like Whitesnake, in a good way, crafting homage.”

Susan Evani - MuzikReviews.com

“Sixty 8 runs out beyond the frame of typical Rock music.”

Metal Centre - Metal Centre (Poland)

“Like the tunz!”

Producer Rob Tarango (Lynch Mob, When Darkness Falls, Souls Of We, Tiffany) - Rob Tarango

“This is certainly an album that I will be adding to my collection due to its impressive quality throughout. ”

Sonia Waterfield - Fireworks Magazine

“Good stuff!”

Mastering God Brian Gardner (2 Pac, Avenged Sevenfold, Beck, David Bowie etc) - Brian "Big Bass" Gardner

“Rockin' guitar and powerful vocals, love it!”

Ken Hannaleck - MuzikReviews.com

“…the band needs to get this sent over to the indy rock labels pronto.”

Nicky Baldrain - Fireworks Magazine