Six Deadly Venoms / Press

“Six Deadly Venoms cast a spell with hot bluegrass!!”

“Within two minutes of hearing the mournful strains of "This Lonesome Road", I was hooked. - Given the strength of this band and their music, it won't be long before Six Deadly Venoms is counted among the best.-”

“Really impressive! Awesome! Probably the best Bluegrass band in NYC”

“This is the most technically virtuosic bluegrass band in NYC, if you haven't had a chance to see Six Deadly Venoms, run and see them ASAP! - They surely have what it takes, creatively and technically, to represent the NYC Bluegrass scene.”

“This bluegrass band from New York City takes an adventurous approach to American acoustic and bluegrass traditions.”

“In Rick Snell, this band has one of the most talented and majestic guitarists you are likely to have the delight to come across. Elio Schiavo his comrade in arms, on mandolin possesses a truely great voice and at times they have impregnable stage chemistry.”