“When Angels Cry could very well become a progressive rock classic. It's got all the necessary, tasty, musical ingredients, mixed lovingly together to make a fragrant stew of epic sounds.”

Sills & Smith - RN

“Simply Awesome!!!!”

Quote The Raven - RVN

"Thanks for the great music. Best regards from Moria....Ukraine!"



Warrior Nation - RVN, North Carolina

" Wicked Band!!!!! Onward and Upward!!!! "

The Fores - RVN, United Kingdom

" Solid band. Big punch. Respect from Chicago. G "

Thadeus Project - RVN, Chicago

"Reach" kicks ass! Hopefully on our next tour, we can setup some shows together! \m/"

Fierce Allegiance - RVN

"Six Day Truce ROCKS! Their song, Bitter Side Of Me....ROCKS! Good stuff here!"

Keyvo Tepes - RVN

"Superb music"

Anchorage Alaska - RVN

"Awesome tunes! Phenomenal vocals!"

Traces - RVN

"Dreams..... INCREDIBLE"

10 Miles Of Blue - RVN, Atlanta

"Six Day Truce is definitely in your face with New Rock"

KFRR 104.1 Radio - The Homegrown Show

"Six Day Truce: Artists You Should Know"

Mike Osegueda - Fresno Bee, California

"Six Day Truce has a hard melodic edge and a nasty little dark side that reels you in....."

J.J. Styles - Associated Press, worldnews.com