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“Six2’s DFW Icon Few Fort Worth rappers, if any, have a more compelling backstory than Six2. Six2’s DFW Icon Few Fort Worth rappers, if any, have a more compelling backstory than Six2. Despite his ups and downs, Six2 is still grinding.”

“Some of his other notable work in the business has come behind-the-scenes – penning “Wait A Minute” for the Pussycat Dolls, as well as writing for Timbaland’s Shock Value album on songs like “Release” featuring Justin Timberlake and “Bounce” featuring Dr. Dre & Missy Elliott. In 2013, Six2 released the album Affiliated 2.0.”

“Check out "Walk Like A Model" OFFICIAL SINGLE: Yung Lott,Six-2,& Brandy Bugatti" by Six-2 - http://www.reverbnation.com/six2/song/21678615-walk-like-model-official-single”

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“Absolutely and all this is all relevant and we will definitely have to link up and do another one once Legendary drops and the album after that. You have always had a very unique sound just like Devin The Dude, you have your own unique flow. Like you said, that Mentally Disturbed track that is not a regular track to me, that is conversation over a dope ass beat. I’m a big fan of your music so it is really refreshing and it is good to know that there is some new Six-2 music coming out. Anyway that we can help you, we are definitely an outlet for you.”

“Fort Worth, Texas’ own Six-2 is back with new music. His upcoming album, Still Affiliated is slated to drop on Itunes this week and I2G brings to you 3 other tracks to familiarize yourself with him. Oh and if for some reason some of yall are sleeping on Six-2, time to play catch up.”

“The difference between Timbaland and Dr.Dre It was night and day. Dr. Dre was always fair, up front, and honest. Timbaland was the exact opposite, he stole, hid, and lied”

“At #8 we have the Louisiana/Texas connection of Big Mike & Six 2, who’ve had their fair share of highs & lows in the industry. Mike was on Rap-A-Lot during its heyday, releasing two critically acclaimed solo albums, a project with Mr. 3-2 as the Convicts, and was a member of the legendary Geto Boys for their Till Death Do Us Part album. Six 2 experienced some regional success with his group Gena Cide but would get a major opportunity when The D.O.C. took Six 2 as his protégé, leading to his appearance on Dr. Dre’s 2001. Mike would leave Rap-A-Lot & the Geto Boys while Six 2’s Aftermath deal fell through due to tension between The D.O.C. & Dre. Each kept a relatively low profile until 2006 when their single “Down Home” featuring Baton Rouge’s Young Bleed surfaced. The veteran duo was set to release an album called Southern Hydro soon after but nothing surfaced. In 2008, both were interviewed”

“I recently mentioned the underrated Six 2′s group Gena Cide in the Top 10 Missed Opportunities list and now a new track by the duo called “Klick Click Pow” has surfaced. As I said in that post, before he was The D.O.C.’s protege & appearing on Dr. Dre’s 2001, Six 2 was establishing himself in Texas as part of Gena Cide. If you can find it, their 1994 debut Waste Uva Cular is a must listen. Six 2 & El-Dog have not relased an album together since 1997 so it’s a nice surprise to hear a new song from these two. Hopefully we will see a long overdue 3rd LP from Gena Cide in the future.”

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“Timbaland keeps the heat coming for his Timbaland Thursdays music giveaways. For this week's Timbo Thursday the producer drops "Lil' Apartment" featuring Attitude and Six2. Despite issues with the label Timbaland is doing what he wants to and he's not letting "them" stop him from releasing new tunes.”

“Six2: For all the fun he’s had making music, 2012 is the year for him to get serious. “I’m more focused on me now,” he said. He’s working on his masterpiece, an album called Sincerely Yours, which will drop sometime in the fall. “It’s to everyone I worked with, everyone I plan on working with, people I have problems with, people who have problems with me,” he said”

“Over 10 Million herd him on Dr.DRE's CHRONIC 2001 "XXPLOSIVE" and "Bitch Niggas"”

“Fort Worth rapper Six 2 is back. A couple of months ago, he released a new single, “Monsta,” that’s crazy hooky and features Yung Lott, The GS Boyz and Faddy Daddy. (Snoop Dogg, yes, the Snoop Dogg, gives Six 2 a shout-out at the beginning of the “Monsta” video). Six 2’s latest album, Concrete Evidence, features contributions from some of the biggest names in the rap industry, including Snoop, Dr. Dre, and Timbaland ect”

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“I. Thou shall not snitch.II. Thou shall not infiltrate.III. Thou shall not perpetrate.IV. Thou shall not playa hate.V. Thou shall not hoe trust.VI. Thou shall not hoe save.VII. Thou shall not pay a trick.VIII. Thou shall not disrespect the game.IX. Thou shall not be broke.X. Thou shall not be without their necessities.”

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“He co-wrote "Wait a Minute" with KeriHilson for The PUSSYCATDOLLS Video was #1 for 6weeks”

“For all of you Chronic 2001 fans you may not be familiar with the name Six2 but you've been playing him for years, he was featured on the track entitled "Xxplosive", check out the link I've provided, it's his Reverb Nation Page, have a listen to some of his tracks, they're just as ill as his stuff on Dre's album”

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“check his video out -- MONSTA - Six2 Feat. Yung, Lott, Faddy Daddy, & The GS Boys.”

“Snoop Dogg presents (or represents?) @Six2music single from the "Concrete Evidence" MONSTA.”

“Man I LOVE Being From The DFW (metroplex) Dallas Fort Worth thats why i posted this it has my boy Six 2 and my boy Young Bleed directed by my boy Boomtown and they doing it with the legendary BIG Mike of the Geto Boys. For those who may not know Six 2 was all on the Dr. Dre Chronic 2001 Album On the song Explosive and another song + he wrote and was featured on the D.O.C.'s records. People please quit sleeping on Dallas Fort Worth Music”

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“Prepare for the rise of Fort Worth, Texas’ own Six2, who you may have heard on West Coast classic, Chronic 2001.It was The D.O.C is who plugged Six2 with rap legend Dr. Dre. Six2 is featured on Chronic 2001 hits “Xxplosive” and “Bitch Nigga”, which feature Dr. Dre, Kurupt, Nate Dogg and Hitman. The well-respected rapper has written songs for The Pussycat Dolls, “Wait A Minute”.Six2 wants the hip hop community to see him has the hit contributing artist that he is. His latest project, Concrete Evidence is available on iTunes and eworldent.com. The album is a personal stamp for Six2, letting people know what he is capable of doing musically. Concrete Evidence features icons such as The D.O.C, Snoop Dogg, and Houston’s Devin the Dude. Look for Six2 to continue xxploding through your speakers. Support his music on iTunes and follow him on Twitter @six2music. Bass up. Mikey out. Follow him on Twitter @six2music and visit him on Myspace,Facebook www.six2music.com”

“<Twitter Xclusive!!! "He's A Gangsta" feat. #FtWorth O.G. @Six2Music & #Thyra”