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“Sister Speak deliver with mass appeal while painting a hopeful picture with the transformative power of love.”

“Atmosphere is the name of the game, and Sister Speak nailed it perfectly.”

“Rise Up For Love is an album you can sink into immediately, but you’ll be surprised how quietly it’ll immediately affect you and in this way the production is not only effective but brilliant. Sister Speak have just about crafted a debut album as perfectly as one could hope.”

“Sherri Anne’s impetus for these ten songs oddly came out of her stillness, but there is a journey in her songs. And, in a slightly mysterious way, the love theme that expresses the universal hope to heal suggests that a friend will be there at the journey’s end.”

“...a look at the 3895 band pages in the Reader’s Local Music Database indicates that the next “big thing” in town may be duos, with nearly a hundred gigging or recording two-person bands currently extant...Singer/songwriter Sherri-Anne and drummer Lisa Viegas are Sister Speak, socially aware entertainers who were nominated Best New Artist at the San Diego Music Awards...”

“In this special “Off the Tracks” edition of A Trolley Show, the San Diego duo perform “Lady Love” on the Hillcrest Trolley. The song begins quietly, but veers masterfully into a rousing singalong. It’s hard to imagine another band winning over an audience so quickly, but that’s the beauty of inclusion."”

“This melodic “Americana style of folk rock is as pretty as it is haunting, and it’s a perfect balance of rootsy guitar stylings along with dynamic drum patterns and percussion...I strongly urge you to see this talented band before they become famous and start charging rock star ticket prices...”

“...edgy Americana that isn’t afraid to go deep. The lead-off single “Chicago Dream” works as a gorgeously gritty soundtrack for a late night road trip, namely through the Chicago suburbs or other similar urban territories. While lead singer Sherri Anne waxes poetic about the electric energy of the city, the band answers with a steady backbeat accented by slide guitars and glowing organ...”

“Setting the gradually building big production of Say You Will and the full sound of Mirror II against the more stripped back, quieter mood of the folksy Lady Love with its acoustic guitars and mandolin interplay and Honestly’s jazzy percussive shuffle, makes for a well-balanced sound, the band’s tight cohesiveness and Sherri-Ann’s impassioned writing compelling you to listen when they speak.”

“The effort contains ten songs that showcase Sherri Anne’s attractive voice. Sherri leads the band Sister Speak that include members Lisa Viegas (Drums), Tolan Shaw (Electric Guitar), and Jacob “Cubby” Miranda (Bass). The quartet caught the attention of Grammy Award winning engineer Alan Sanderson, who invited them to record Rise Up For Love after having heard them live at the Belly Up in San Diego.”

“With captivating vocals that sing out to the skies, plucked guitar strings, and dynamic percussive drum hits driving the lyrics, Sister Speak’s single “Chicago Dream” is the type of music playing in my dreams while I’m running across a field with no destination in mind...Rise Up For Love should be the next album on your list, regardless of if you enjoy alternative, bluesy dream pop or not. It’s a wonderful 10-song journey through an array of musical emotions, musical eras, and musical genres.”

“I utterly fell in love with this album thanks to the gorgeous voice work...There aren’t enough truly charismatic female frontwomen working in the industry right now, and here we’ve found a new one. [Sherri Anne's] voice is ragged and rough, a lynchpin around which to build an album, as good at pulling off those signature vocal slides as she is imbuing every song with a rich sense of longing...The music is wonderful too; it almost doesn’t need to be with those vocals, but this remains stoically a band and not a singer with some studio musicians kicking around...I’m almost skeptical about this being a debut album. That’s how good it is.”

“['Rise Up For Love's']charm and strength is how it works as a piece of music which is going to slowly work its way into your consciousness.”

“...beautiful, Americana-tinged harmonies and gutsy, soul-strung lyrics. Boasting an impressive track record of press in Canada and the United States, their forthcoming debut album has been a long time in the making... If lead song “Chicago Dream” is anything to go by, it’s been well worth the wait.”

“Sister Speak’s 10-song debut album, "Rise Up for Love,” is a promising maiden voyage. The group’s blend of rock and folk is inspired by an array of artists, from The Beatles and Nirvana... to Wilco, Missy Higgins and Harry Manx. Sherri Anne is a solid vocalist, and her songs benefit from the band’s empathetic accompaniment.”

“Sister Speak’s debut album Rise Up For Love is a great beginning for a band that is sure to grow in popularity. This album showcases the lead singer’s raw and authentic voice perfectly paired with the instrumentals. Overall, Sister Speak has a very calming and refreshing sound with songs like “Goodbye My Lover” and “Mountain Song” that use beautiful acoustic guitar elements. The lyrics seem to speak to the soul and are sung with sincerity.”

“Sherri-Anne, core member of the alternative pop/blues/world group Sister Speak, has been a solid guitar player as long as we can remember. The band's recent debut album, Rise Up for Love, is a solid, riveting testament to that.”

“Sister Speak are one of those bands I wish I’d found sooner! The luscious vocals delicately flutter around swimming acoustics and dreamy beats.”

“This amazing San Diego band will knock your soul into a happy place immediately with their groove, passion and lyrics.”

“A breezy yet empowering set of music that conjures pictures in my mind of a drive down highway 101 on a clear cool day. With passionate poise, this duo proves there is still good music out there.”

Alan Soriano - The Random Radio Network

“Sister Speak, we listen...With the people behind them, this rootsy alternative folk-rock band is ready for lift-off...”

"...the group recently finished recording its debut album, “Rise Up From Love,” in analog sound, at Santee’s acclaimed Analog Chew Studios. With Grammy Award-winning producer Alan Sanderson, who has also worked with the likes of Fleetwood Mac and Elton John, at the board, the 10 songs feature Sister Speak, as well as notable guest players...

“Sister Speak to Hold Album Release at World Beat Center. We caught up with Sherri Anne (who wrote all the tracks on the disc) to ask her all about the new album”

“Most of the songs on this album were written while I was recovering from a major injury,” says singer/songwriter Sherri-Anne of Sister Speak’s upcoming debut full-length Rise Up for Love...it was these songs that helped me cope through it all.”

“Click here for a live interview on 94.9FM radio, featuring two new Sister Speak tracks from their 2012 acoustic demo! Sister Speak & Tolan Shaw interview about their respective projects.”

“Sister Speak speaks about what matters in music”

“Keep your eyes open for Sister Speak's next live performance, as their contagious presence leaves audiences inspired, refreshed & mesmerized”

Streaming Cafe, Kelowna BC

“A raw talent and a refreshing addition to the San Diego scene”

"Featured on Canada's CBC Radio & Global TV"

CBC Radio Victoria/Global TV BC

“This January there will be live demos, autograph sessions, and everything musically-related unleashed at NAMM. Band from TV, School of Rock, Micah and Sister Speak will perform, and many high-profile celebrities are expected to arrive in style.”

"Definitely a group to watch"

“Sister Speak was named one of Music Connection Magazine's "Hot 100 Unsigned Bands" in the nation for 2011”