Sister Anne / Press

“​"Naming themselves after an MC5 song was no simple posturing: Sister Anne are "soul-punk" fire-spitters, and pretty much Brooklyn's best approximation of Detroit"”

“Sister Anne was bad from her initial entrance, and she’s even badder since she came to actual life in the 21st Century as a band from Brooklyn that’s kicking musical ass and flying high under the flag of rock & roll. Sister Anne is here at last! Long live Sister Anne! ”

“Opener Sister Anne almost stole the show as this wild black lady garage rock singer was not only singing her heart out, but dancing so funky that you thought she came right out of the 1970s Soul Train show.”

New York Waste

“The chicks and dudes of Brooklyn's Sister Anne drag shit-out-of-luck rock 'n' roll through muddy waters.”

The Village Voice