Sir Mask / Press

“came by to hear your cool tunes! Rich D”

Bon Ton Key Club - Reverbnation

“...keep up the good work”

Silent C - ReverbNation

"To My Father" made me cry. My daddy has been gone twelve years, not a rocker like his daughter, but someone I really think the world missed... Wonderful song.

Phoenix - ReverbNation

“I like what your doing. It's good to hear hip-hop (or any music, really) that is used to convey a meaning rather than some motherfucker talking about how much money they have”

Anti Political Nonsense - ReverbNation

“Lovin the music keep it up”

Jazzie J - ReverbNation

“Ecclectic, you're prophets with a funky positive message.”

J. Hill - Freedom TV

“Great sound. Keep striving for success”

No Nonsense - Reverbnation

"To my Father" a good one. stay up

Tom Hutch - Reverbnation

“jammin' to ya :)”

Zaddick - Reverbnation

“GREAT work here...CHEERS and all the best from DETROIT!!!”

Myron Christy - Reverbnation

“wow..this is a kool track also..u use wicked vocals on ya trax..who the vocals??very original...like the drums”

Blunt Ted - Looperman

“heyyyy yooooooooo!! good work on this man!”

DJ synthiziz - Looperman

“wots gud fam...im feelin this track...the hats and snares sound ffresh...nice kicks...like the crazy vocals...especially where it speeded up”

Blunt Ted - Looperman

“Finally more positive music. But not enough people care about good lyrics anymore.”

Adam Paradise Afrique - ReverbNation

“love this .... it's brilliant”

yanowattuare - reverbnation

“Strong track, for sure! I like the energy you've built up with this remix. The style reminds me of MIA a little bit. Cool stuff!”

Spivkurl - Looperman

“Power to the people Great!!”

PepeluX - ReverbNation

“i dont know why but this really trips me out, but i like it. good stuff. ”

misterwhite - Looperman

“Great message fella's and it's good to see and hear our younger brothers having a voice about social and economic injustices. Keep up the good work-Blessings & Peace-Bish”

Bishop Mayfield - ReverbNation

“awesome Track ^^ absolutly great and now one of my favs. muhaha i like it.S”

Sterixx - Looperman

“I like the intensity of the music with the creativity of the lyrics. Such a great production. "”

The Humps - Looperman

“When I first heard this, I didn't like it. Then I listened to the lyrics and heard the message. Great job. Not my kind of music but I'm glad I decided to listen to all of it.”

Pepperming - Looperman

“Love your track (Power To The People)! Things need to be said.”


“Really enjoyed that, good skills with the vocal recordings, Power to the People right enough. ”

Salook - Looperman

“Keep the truth flowing. Listened a love what I was hearing great ear candy! ”

Chabha - Reverbnation