Sirius.B / Press

“If Einstein would have dropped acid, he would have heard Sirius.B in his head”

Free Times: Columbia, SC's Free Weekly

“On the whole, they may well deserve some sort of prize for being Asheville's most aesthetically pleasing band — that is, if everyone could just get past their impressively irreverent, combustible, three-ring circus of sound.”

Mountain Xpress

“A breath of fresh air in a sea of monotony”

Free Times: Columbia, SC's Free Weekly

“It was rather what one would imagine Athens, Georgia's 40 Watt Club to have been like in the early days of R.E.M. Only with more gypsy leanings. And Pancho "Chris" Bond's sometimes snarling vocals would likely have frightened shy '80s Michael Stipe.”

Mountain Xpress

“What can I say...It's like nothing I've ever heard before! You form a group of musician so competent that you have reached a special place and niche in uniqueness.”

The Free Times: Columbia, SC's Free Weekly

““Sirius.B. carries the brewing excitement of something big in the making.””

Alli Marshall - Mountain Xpress