Sion Van Spark / Press

“Versatile, creative and an excellent composer. Loved GIRL IN THE SHADOWS and ARE YOU STILL HERE. Beautiful work.”

KC Daleigh

“WOW...you really know how to be versatile. There are some excellent sounds going on here. Nice FX on guitar. beautiful sounds. Thank you.”

Steve Inglis

“Your music is unique yet blissful. Keep up the good work. Thank you for sharing! Jamazon Cloud- Pangaea's People”

Jamazon Cloud

“Hey Sion, Thanks for your fanship. Wishing you great success! Loving the darkness in your vocals. Peace, AA”

Ayana Aquila

“Life's Railways is mesmerizing!”

MaryJustice Lucas

"are you still here?" gives a special atmosphere that reminds me walking alone through a great hall with sunshine from the windows high above. liked to be there for a while!


“Solitary Creek is a great composition. Great original sound. Cheers!”

AITG/Agony In The Garden

"When You Hope" on this Monday ! Very interesting play ! Cool Tune !

Jeffrey Whitman

“Are you Still Here? What a great magical sound Keep on and all the best to you, Purty Violet”

Purty Violet

“I'm very drawn to Life's Railways. It's got such an eerie vibe, yet is not over done.... simply pleasant compositions, Sion Van Spark!”

Chemical Gunns

“I love I love I love!!!!! Amazing talent♥♡♥”


“Timeless is very good! Love it.”

Hollie Schulz

“Your music is amazing! Emotional, passionate, mysterious, and gets the mind/heart so engaged.”

Suburban Cry

"Timeless" has some interesting musical progressions. Reminds me of modern classical. Very evocative


“Very interesting changes and dynamic in "Timeless". Enjoyed the listen.”

Brett Service

“Wow. Keep on improving your guitar skills and you will succeed for sure. You were born for this. Much love from Ukraine.”


“Super innovative work. Beautiful.”


“Sion Van Spark creates the most inovative compositions and remarkable tones through the guitar.”

Jack Bug

“Solitary Creek is really cool sounding...very dark and unique. Whatever mode and scale you are using are hypnotic”

Mysti Mayhem

“Very creative guitar style and pretty unique. All the best to you ~ kappi”


“This music you have created comes not from schools and theories but from a truly creative soul. Brilliant!! Cheers from Canada!!”

Karma Wash

“Wonderfully creative and soothing right to the soul, glad to discover your talent here on RN. Greetings from New Zealand! WB”

Wade Braines

“I love your song ''Stardeath'', it's so original.”

beth ward

“I Really Love Your Music, I Close My Eyes & Just Get Lost In It... Thank You For My Mini Vacation... Need To Escape For A lil While :)”


“Keep it up! your knowledge of dynamics is great.”

Strive to find the light in the darkness

“Wonderful creativity shining through with your guitar solos. Haunting effects-would sound great as TV or Film bg music.”

Colleen Laylon

“‘Solitary Creek’ - Powerful and inspirational, touching inner senses...wonderfully unique and refreshing!”


“Haunting stuff Sion, Sets a timeless mood!”

Bob Rylett

“Great work Sion! Very creative and memorable.”

Jeff Harvey

“Beautiful music, made me shiver. Thank you.”

Cunning Vixen

“Haunting stuff Sion, Sets a timeless mood!”

Bob Rylett

“A real musical find with an essence of pure genius totally remarkable”

Trajan j Trathan

“Outstanding track.You are extremely talented.”


“You've got a unique style and it's really cool..I really enjoy your tracks”


“This is truly amazing original material!”

Chris Cugene

“Mystical and hypnotic music that inspires surreal dreams! Stay gothic and keep on using your amazing fantasy and imagination! \m/”


“Ciao! Very nice & unique spheric guitar - never heard before! Cheers from the Doodle-Celts :)”


“You create very nice atmospheres. Thanks for the good listen ;) Take care, Mary”

Mary Confurius

“A really cool sound! Innovative and quite unique.”

Simon Husberg

“hi sion, this is more minimalmusic then i have on RN and see it works! great melodies and your guitar sometimes reminds me of the indian 'sitar' instument. more abiënt-music I think. keep on going and have fun! greetz, renée”

Renee Stevense

“Very cool work Sion. You have a brilliant execution of melody and your work is very creative. Sounds like your guitar is talking. Love it.”

Blue Mountain Mule

“'Dark Baby', I love that haunting evocative lonely quality to this beautiful track, lovely work!”


“Beautiful art, simple yet poignant as a sunrise.”


“Wow, that's really nice! Great feel even if you had been playing for twenty years! Amazing how fast you got the touch! Awesome!”

john cheney

“sir. You're UROBOS is so typical of the manner in which you leave me breathlessly poised and pensive. Not much music these days does that. You define a genre.”

David Namerow

“DARK BABY, like the rest of your tracks, cuts cleanly and crisply through the genre clutter with a groove that slices directly to the heart with honest power. This is music with teeth, heart, soul and big brass balls.”

David Namerow

“Hi Sion, Carl hit the nail right on the head. You have a very haunting sound that brings out the emotive element of your music. Impressive for such a short time playing ...great ear.”

Doug Dickens

“You have some interesting music here sounds very haunting. You are very different then most artiest I've listened to. You definitely have an original sound. Time will only tell where it will lead you. I wish you good luck cunsong, Carl”

Carl Grimes

“Amazing tunes. "Are You Still Here?" ---- yes I am!!!”

Prime Time Probation

“Great and unique sound”

Robert Joseph Phillips

“Beautiful & Unique music..”

Alice & Björn

“Very unique and original!I love "Are You Still Here" Keep on with your creative adventure! Music calls to us!”

Towering Tunes

“Your sound is very original. Sound like you are using a violin bow.”

Sonny Boy Baker

“Great songs. Very original. Are you Still Here is full of atmosphere. Brilliant.”

Mark Parker

“Very creative indeed, very soulful.”

Steven Jackson

“Superb!!! Very much enjoyed the tunes!!!”

Pace Ride

“Rock on :) thanks Simone! go #1!”

Katie Shorey


The Idiomatics

“Hi Sion Van Spark, Beautifully dark and haunting atmosphere in your music my friend, keep up the good work! Peace & respect, Aerial”

Lunar Dusk

“..Hauntingly beautiful sounds, Sion..!!”

Kristin M

"uroboros" a unique listening experience


“Love your songs!”

April Story

“Ciao from me in Boston. I am loving your WONDERFUL music!! XOSusan”

Susan Cabral

“Hello Simone!! I really love your sound brother!! You are amazing my friend!!!”

Mykall McDowell

“Very cool creative work! Love the soundscapes!”

Le Mystique

“Great compositions and great talent God bless”

Gene Paradis


Sabina Chantouria

“Very creative and evocative music.... wishing you all the very best on your journey Annette :-)”


“very cool reverb-driven experiments and improvisations on your guitar here bro..great to see that you're still learning and using these recordings as a fantastic way to explore the potential of your instrument. Love that near-Oriental tone on "are you still here"..very haunting!”


“Great unique sound!”

Noah Davis

“Great film sounds.”

Michael McGabe Guitarist

"Dark Baby" is brilliant !

Jeffrey Whitman

“Lifes Railways very masterful pice of art !! seriously wonderful to hear !”

Suzanna Kay

“Keep up the great work! You're well on your way to becoming an excellent guitarist! And the fact that you are self-taught is very intriguing!”


“Great imagination !!”


“I like your music! Keep it up, God bless! <3”

Yanze Lee

“Thanks for the friendship, Sir! the tunes are great and real deep! keep on rocking and greetings from Heidelberg, Germany”


“Molto bene pisano! Really innovative music. And thanks for the love! Peace and light”

Sol Babies

“Really like your originality and creativity. Great work!”


“Hey there! great sounds, keep pushing your skills on the guitar "For Peach (Original)" is very lovely.”

Caolin Clay

“You have great skills! .... and only over a year since you've been playing, amazing! Nice to meet you, and ty for the friendship! ”

Annie Handley

“Love your wonderful creative music, you are a very talented and gifted composer, keep up the excellent work. Greetings and best wishes from England. Please keep in touch. God Bless you!”

Robert Steven Hunt

“You are quite gifted! Incredible work for such a young man!”

Steven Frank Mramor

“Dark yet Light but Genius!!! amen”

the th0ught pr0v0ker

“Love the atmosphere, has changed my mood, very mellow dramatic and beautiful...”


“My kind of music! Dark & haunting! Really liking all! ~”

Sur Rod

“You have a very unique style to your music. The compositions are imaginative and interesting. A very entertaining collection of music. I applaud you. Bravo. Impressionante la musica. Continuare a fare la musica. Vi auguro tutto il meglio.”

Barbarian Wizard

“Dear Simone, So beautiful music, very deep emotion, excellent production, beautiful universe is here. Thank you so much and nice to meet you! with lots of love*”

Ryo Utasato

“Very provocative. I've enjoyed my time here!”

Lady Zombie

“Hey Simone - you come from a very interesting place and your look is intense and captivating...you could be aster!! ”

Bob Menzies

"Are You Still Here?" Very cinematic and ethrerial. Very well done. Much success

Bernie Landry

“Very atmospheric soundscapes - haunting stuff! - Thanks for dropping by with your support! -”

Caroline Ty

“Enjoying For Peach! wonderful music! ♥ ♥ ♥”

Amanda Pollard

“Hi Sion. I'm playing your original UROBOROS right now, and absolutely love it! You're very talented. Your NY Fan, ZERENA :)”


“Fantastic, original tracks!”

Juliann Andreen