“Metal Sanaz: THESE BOYS KNOW HOW TO ROCK! Lots of respect Sanaz Aug 2011”

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“Congratulations on behalf of The Ernie Ball Company and our sponsors. Your band has been chosen out of over 20,000 bands from around North America to play at this years Vans Warped Tour. Here are some details that you will need to know prior to the show.”

Kevin Scoles - Ernie Ball Comoany/The Van's Warped Tour

“Sin Theorem Immaculate Deception EP.review !Practicing a self-confessed "every metal"or"all of the above"metal style the five piece Sin Theorem embraces their demons and exercises them in an explosion of excess and expletives on their debut EP."Porn Star" packs pleasure with pain,humor with whoredom,making it worthy of comparison to south park's infamous DVDA,or Primus,even when most of Sin Theorem's 5 song set sounds like brutal,double barreled double- base death('Relentless Aggression"If it Will Lie On It's Back").Dual guitars gun it through out the disk,but together they command arena-sized spotlights on the intro to The Eyes Of Death, a thunderous lighting strike of a song about vengeance.Immaculate Deception is available now.Buy it for only $5.00”

“Sin Theorem:Brutalizes every venue they play,and they play a lot of "em.They"re intense and angry but have sense of humor(America Fuck Yeah)that all combine with great production and creative metal talent to relentlessly execute fierce shows all over Michigan/U.S.A.Definitely a band on the rise.Could they help keep Michigan Metal on the national map?”

“Sin Theorem is the real deal,with songs that blast out machine-gun riffing metal rhythms.”

“You guys are awsome.Your music need to heard by the world!This is timeless raw metal at it's best Rich Ott,producer,,(Trivium,Cannible Corpse,All That Remains,,mix and mastered Sin Theorems Immaculate Deception (EP)”

Rich Ott - Music World /Entertainment

“Some metal bands settle for fans just banging their heads.Sin Theorem punches them in the head with their raw,no-rules sound!”

Brad Canze - The Grand Rapids Press


Scott and Pam Radio Show - Scott and Pam Radio Show