Sinocence / Press

"Heavy riffs, soaring melodies, great guitar playing holding the listener transfixed by the sheer metallic quality on offer."

“Sinocence comes from the United Kingdom and last year released their sophomore effort entitled “Scar Obscura”. This is the reprint of the album that includes extra material as the band wasn’t satisfied with the job done by its previous label (Rising Records). Having granted raving reviews from the global press and having assumed considerable experience in the live circuit, Sinocence seems capable of achieving commercial success in the future. They blend modern metal and their progressive influences (in the vein of Tool) with melodic vocals and wonderful guitars, Sinocence presents a bunch of 10 songs and we are pleasantly (and greatly) surprised by the final result. The reissue includes bonus stuff for the PC (making-of the album, photo gallery, biography) plus an expanded booklet that includes the lyrics of the songs. “Scar Obscura” may not be such an easy-listening album but it will definitely pay you off when you dedicate some of your time…trust me!”

“UK melodic metal band Sinocence may have struck gold with their second album “Scar Obscura”. This is a record that should appeal to most fans of rock, with the wide range of styles and influences that it incorporates. It’s got some great heavy riffs, soaring vocals and some really catchy choruses that you will be humming the tune to in the shower for days to come. Some of the standout tracks are the opener “Perfect Denial” which features a great progression from a calm and eerie intro to an all out metal assault, and the aggressive-as-hell-yet-also-heart-wrenching-at-times “Ultraviolent”. Sinocence will definitely be a band to follow in the years to come. 4/5”

“Admittedly I myself was in the dark and uneducated as to whom Sinocence were prior to hearing ‘Scar Obscura’, yet after even the opening track, I’m happily willing to scream and champion this Irish beauty of a band until the end. Hand on heart, Sinocence are unlike anything i’ve heard, I just hope that in Sinocence’s future music to come, this newly found passion does anything but simmer. Rating: 10/10”

"Scar Obscura" ist im Fazit ein gutes Heavy-Thrash-Metal-Album, das durch den Re-Release vielleicht nun ein bisschen mehr Aufmerksamkeit bekommt. Die Band agiert professionell und hat meines Erachtens etwas Anerkennung durchaus verdient. Note: 7.5 / 10

“Receiving widespread critical acclaim...and if they can build on this outstanding album they will very soon be challenging the elite. Comparisons would only serve as an injustice as Sinocence are very much their own band; powerful, hook laden, melodic metal that is complex yet accessible and very much deserving of being heard by a wider audience. Their sound is one that will undoubtedly hold appeal to Metal fans old and new and Scar Obscura comes highly recommended.”

"One of the best metal debuts to have come out of the UK in recent years" [8/10]