SiNN / Press

“ The entire band obviously has played together for a long time, as the most subtle cue changes in the music are met and answered with no need for visuals. During the new albums title track "Wreckreation", they would jump from riff to riff with masterful precision. Every song has been meticulously crafted, never leaving you with a hollow feeling from missed opportunities. If there is supposed to be a solo, there is. If it feels time for a thousand note a minute breakdown, there will be. These people are obviously dedicated to their craft and worked hard to make sure they bring the SiNNers what they want. ”

“Next up was another local band called SiNN (stands for Stranded in Newport News). They play a very weird style of thrash metal, and have been around since 1998. These guys were fucking impressive! Especially the bassist.....dammit, he was all over the place! Slapping that bass like it was his bitch. The guitarist/singer is very good. His voice reminds me of Chuck Billy of Testament fame, and his solos were well done. Musically, they reminded me of Motörhead. Good band. ”