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“They put on a great show live man, they got buttloads of energy. This is one of those party bands, I love it, pass the bottle of Whiskey,one of those bands you know, make u wanna drink whiskey”

“From the moment I walked into the bar and heard them playing, I felt that old familiar energy start to stir up inside of me again. Could it be…new music that is raw, ballsy and really, really good? YES!! My faith had been restored and contrary to what so many people are saying, there ARE bands out there that still play good, hard rock and roll in Philly! ”

“I give them my full endorsement as a local, hard rock band. ”

“Their new song (entitled Livin' It Up) is their newly released song that makes me wanting some more.”

“It isn't very often that you hear a band on the radio these days that will "WOW" you.”

““Whiskey Train” is an upbeat toe-tappin number with some nice hooks and an awesome chorus….’Gimme Rock, Gimme Roll’ could be a new rock anthem and could break AOR charts”

“No matter what song of theirs you listen to you will be sure the chorus will get stuck in your head (I can't begin to tell you how many times I've been sitting at my desk at work catching myself singing "GIMME ROCK... GIMME ROLL" (Whiskey Train)).”

“Sinners Saints, which during the show showed why they are chosen to open for bands such as Skid Row and LA Guns. They actually got called back for an encore, when the headliner was up next”

"It's good to see a band who obviously doesn't care about anything in life more than playing on stage. Sinners Saints puts their heart, soul, and passion into everything they do!" - Kevin J. Frank (SilverSound Production, Silvertide)

“Sinners Saints is one of those Philly bands that dared to break the mold of the usual club acts. Their brand of Southern-Rock influenced music brings back memories of Molly Hatchett. “Dirty Sexy Rock N Roll” is their interpretation of southern blues coupled with rocking guitar licks and kick-ass rhythms that make them a very professional and polished group of talented musicians. This is a band for the masses to party with! ”

“Sinners Saints didn’t play rock music in the 80′s, but they sure look and sound like they would fit right in. ”

“Opening the night was Sinners Saints. They are a Philly band that fit right in the bill. With enough time and proper exposure the band could be headlining larger venues (in referrence to Sinners Saints opening for LA Guns, Faster Pussycat and John Corabi)”

“have been searching for music I can listen to that gets me fired up and makes me want to sing out loud with my windows down and I found it from a band right here in Philly. That band is Sinners Saints. ”

“After crankin up some of this stuff, one is left with an undeniable urge to pound back some shots, go find a pretty (and willing) young lady, and proceed to do very dirty things to her”

Angry Pirate - Black Collar Radio - Angry Pirate - Black Collar Radio

“These guys will screw your girlfriend in the dirty bathroom stall and send her back to you with a dirty mouth and a changed outlook on life. If you like southern blues with loud guitars and a sense of urgency, you need this EP. You can get the album here ”

“As far as bands go, Sinners Saints has the market cornered with their professionalism, desire to succeed and down to earth approach to keeping their fans a main priority. As an owner of an Internet Radio Station Group of over three hundred stations and 10,000 daily listeners, I find Sinners Saints to have " the perfect market model" to be associated with. Oh and by the way, their music ROCKS!!!”

“One of the greatest bands to come out of philly”

“This is a straight forward, shooting from the hip band who know how to rock out. They remind me of hard thrusting southern rock done the right way. If you haven't heard of Sinners Saints, you are missing out”

Juli Burke - Rockin' Mayhem Radio

“Sinner Saints are an intesnse Rock and Roll Band that assault the sense and leave you wanting more”

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