Sinner Sinners / Press

"SINNER SINNERS "Cardinal Sins" is an album incredibly timeless, certainly one of the best albums of the year"

“There are people who saw Jimi Hendrix opening for Johnny Halliday in Paris, other who saw Nirvana in Fahrenheit (from my personal stats the venue should be able to hold about 11,000 people and it increases each year), now I am very proud to be among the people (and believe me it was not 11 000) who have seen Sinner Sinners at La Boule Noire!”

"A timeless album, which is immersed in the horror-punk attitude and contrasting dark rock n 'roll. I greatly appreciate the effort, the richness and quality of music that bathed my first influences. A group that rewrote a page of rock, punk rock anchored strongly to the garage of the heyday of CBGB (or CB's) to stay on the other side of the Atlantic. An essential album ..."


"What impresses us most about this band is that they aren’t just regurgitating what’s been done time and time again, they have perfected it and are taking the next step in evolving the sound into something unique and exciting."

“Since when did the French know how to play punk like that? The dark punk duo of Sam and Steve Thill really did justice to the underground during their US tour this summer, making a pit stop in P-Town on a Saturday night. They were accompanied by their touring band, which included non-French drummer, Marky from the Morlocks, a bassist who they just call Ed, and this super sexy guitarist named Mike Zebra. Labeled on their MySpace as “Horror Punk,” Sinner Sinners have never made Dracula sound so good. They rocked it with high energy like the hardcore True Blood fans rushing to their couches on a Sunday night. Vampire jokes aside, Sinner Sinners helped me channel my lost inner Misfits. Their dark subject matter yet radio-friendly material and sleek look really made the whole package. Since they will be on the other side of the Atlantic for a while, check out their new single and video “Cadavra” on MySpace. ”