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“The guitars are heavy as fuck and do boast a bombastic rhythm even if not speedy at all. The same goes for the rhythm section that holds the tempos to verbose levels and sends shivers down your spine especially if you’re an old school metaller that loves simple asskicking things in your music life. Not to forget, Alex Kristof’s vocals are the best in the band’s discography so far; the singer uses his throat to accompany the music in a way you can’t escape but bow to his expertise and quality. And imagine that he does not do something difficult rather than dressing the songs with an epic yet not over-excessive voice that also sounds passionate and familiar to the legacy of various classic Metal legendary singers.”

“Sehr viel zur Wirkung trägt erneut auch der glasklare, kraftvolle Gesang von Alex Kristof bei, der für mein Dafürhalten zu einem der ganz großen Namen in "seinem" Metier zählt, das ich in der erhabenen Vortragsweise von getragenen Sounds sehe. Very much to the effect retransmits also at the crystal clear, powerful vocals of Alex Kristof, in "his" profession counts for my view, too one of the big names that I see in the sublime way of presentation borne sounds. What a voice! "World Of Evil" still a hit and also now definitely a prime candidate for my top ten list at the end of the year! "World Of Evil" immer noch ein Hit und auch jetzt auf jeden Fall ein heißer Kandidat für meine Top-Ten-Liste am Ende des Jahres!”

“While you're waiting for the next Judas Priest or Iron Maiden album to drop (whenever that may be), run, don't walk, to your favorite indie record store and pick up the latest from Sinister Realm, World Evil These heavy metal demigods from Allentown, Pennsylvania, not to far from Dangerdog HQ, may have delivered their best album to date What more could you ask for? Song compositions is at a premium, with tone and pace varied across the album. Sinister Realm can offer the speedy heaviness of Cyber Villain and then turn to the soaring epic metal of Four Black Witches, introduced by the both melodic and creepy, The Forest of Souls. Some songs, like Dark Angel of Fate or Prophets of War, offer strong thread of rock groove that makes their metal both heavy and down right catchy. And you can't miss the obvious classic metal influences, especially from Judas Priest, when listening to the opening guitar of World of Evil Sinister Realm's World of Evil is simply premium .”

“Sinister Realm is so engaging because of Alex Kristof’s vocals. He sounds like a mix or Thor, Dio and Twisted Tower Dire‘s Tony Taylor (R.I.P.). He nails the machismo needed to pull off this kind of material and though he only varies his approach slightly from song to song, he can convey different moods rather well. Also playing a huge role in the album’s success are guitarists John Risko and John Kantner. They throw around big, bruising riffs that perfectly compliment Kristof’s powerhouse vocals and they craft some brilliantly dark, moody soloing on tracks like “Prophets of War” and “Four Black Witches.” The solos are all old school and they rock the dual guitar harmonies every chance they get. The very present bass of John Gaffney rounds out the sound well with some Steve Harris gallops and ominous plucking. " big singing and a big chorus."”

“SINISTER REALM are intelligent understudies of the roots of heavy metal, encapsulating a round robin of JUDAS PRIEST, DIO, CANDLEMASS, IRON MAIDEN and VICIOUS RUMORS into their mostly mid-tempo, old-fashioned metal vibe. SINISTER REALM has snagged more than a few supporters in this market. These guys are sitting on something that could be potentially bigger than what it is. Right now, they're a damned good act content to work in their own modest fashion. Read more at http://www.blabbermouth.net/cdreviews/world-of-evil/#rAqtCRH2DcqMlg7R.99 Read more at http://www.blabbermouth.net/cdreviews/world-of-evil/#rAqtCRH2DcqMlg7R.99”

“Poking around in the new releases on iTunes this morning I noticed that Sinister Realm just released a new album, “The Crystal Eye”. I liked their first album, so I didn’t hesitate to download this one to my phone. It was a nice surprise for me as I hadn’t seen it on the list of upcoming releases.”

“On the eve of the bands departure for their 1st ever German Festival appearance (January 14) @ Metal Assault Festival in Wuerzberg, Germany w/ Sanctuary & Hirax, Pagans Alter, Heir Apparent, The Sanity Days and are now officially announcing that Sinister Realm has landed the March 1 support slot (Y&T) in their native Pennsylvania @ the Sellersville Theater”

“Pennsylvania traditional metal band SINISTER REALM have released a new video, for The Crystal Eye album track, 'With Swords Held High'. The clip can be seen below:”

“Pennsylvania's Sinister Realm has posted a new video clip online for "With Swords Held High," which is from the band's latest album "The Crystal Eye." The album was released via Shadow Kingdom Records earlier this year. Check out the clip below, or find more information on Sinister Realm through the band's Facebook profile .”

“Watch the latest Sinister-Realm videos, music videos, video interviews, live music sessions, music news and bands onstage around the globe.”

“To this day, SINISTER REALM's 2008 demo ranks among the best demos that I received in the course of the last five years.”

“Modern american traditional metal is a tricky thing. The line between affection and plagiarism is very thin, and especially on a non-Nuclear Blast or Metal Blade label, it's hard to get production values that don't sound like an attempted throwback. There are definite exceptions, bands that are able to play relatively old-school metal that doesn't start to crack when put under the microscope. However, there are more that fall comfortably into the bar circuit, and play their 30-minute sets every other month to a group of friends that gripe about age in between 5-minute “rocker” after 5-minute “rocker.” Sinister Realm, while probably stuck in the latter's ranks, are definitely members of the former.”

“Now this is more fucking like it. I was one of those heretics who thought this band's debut self-titled was just too weak to be great, with uneven songwriting and a thin guitar sound, but this is the album I hoped they would turn around and make. The Crystal Eye is this band fulfilling their promise in spades.”

“I think we’re finally approaching the tipping point for 80′s retro metal. By that I mean if these 80′s worship albums keep coming, the space-time continuum will shift and we’ll all get dumped back in the 80′s for reals.”

"the whole CD starts reeking of greatness of heavy metal real soon."

"Sinister Realm's debut is immensely entertaining and formidable classic melodic heavy metal. Very Recommended."

“SINISTER REALM Completes Work On 'The Crystal Eye' - Feb. 9, 2011”