Sinheresy / Press

"SinHeresy are without doubt a talented group of musicians and 'Paint The World' is a top quality debut album that certainly whets the appetite for more. This is without doubt some of the best Symphonic Metal i've heard in a long long time. The production/mix of the album is second none with a perfect balance between music and vocals. Who could ask for more ? A must have album for any fans of this genre of Metal music ... Symphonic Heavy Metal Heaven!" - 5/5

"With how well these six combine their talents, how tight and refined each track is, it’s not easy to believe this is their first full length LP. I seriously had to go back and check then recheck on that. These guys and girl are so good; their sound is that of a group that’s worked together for many, many years." - 9/10

"I Sinheresy esordiscono sul mercato dando alle stampe uno dei migliori lavori del 2013 in ambito symphonic power/gothic metal!... riescono a fondere con la magniloquenza sinfonica una carica energetica invidiabile... puntando tutto su un songwriting d’impatto ed intenso, già molto personale e ben definito." - 8,5/10

"Sinheresy erfinden das Rad dieser völlig überlaufenen Genreschublade des Metals nicht neu, machen durch guten Gesang auf beiden Seiten, Drive und jede Menge flotter Lieder diesen Punkt locker vergessen... überraschend starke Scheibe! Kann man eher kaufen als manches Labelprodukt eingesessener Combos!"- 11/15

"...ciò che conta risiede soprattutto nella passione e nell’amore per ciò che si fa e a quanto pare il sestetto è pregno di elementi da pollice alzato... possiamo considerare l’intero “Paint The World” come un album già maturo e che segna un inizio carriera molto importante su lunga distanza!" - 75/100

"Once in a while a band exhibit an ingredient which sets them apart from other bands in the same niche, and to my ears this band produced something a little special here. 'Paint the World' is a strong debut full length album!" - 4/5

“...Cioè un lavoro come "The Spiders and the Butterfly" in arrivo dagli Epica (tanto per fare un esempio) sarebbe già in cima alle charts europee. Bellissimo! Super band! 9/10”

“...I Sinheresy hanno tutte le carte in regola per irrompere prepotentemente sulla scena: i presupposti per farsi notare e conquistare ampi e meritati consensi ci sono tutti. 8/10”

"... it leaves you with the “I want more” feeling. If you enjoy the best parts of Nightwish, Epica, and Within Temptation, then Sinheresy’s “Spiders and the Butterfly” EP is really going to interest you." 10/10

"Sinheresy have created a diverse and powerful piece with songs that you will have on repeat for many months to come." 10/10