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“Single Bullet Theory "IV" review”

“Single Bullet Theory "IV" review”

“On November 26th, 2011, I had the pleasure of interviewing Matt DiFabio of the metal band Single Bullet Theory. The band recently released their fourth album entitled "IV" through Goomba Records (read the review here.) Matt discussed the band's history, their latest album, his song writing process, and gives advice to aspiring musicians. I hope everyone enjoys his responses and picks up their latest album, "IV."”

“Single Bullet Theory is one of the many metal bands that work hard for years, release good albums along the way but all that away from the mainstream metal audience. Through Pissing Razors Matt DiFabio might have smelled the success but that was all. Painstakingly he continues on this road like there is no other option: metal is the only way through life. A conversation with one of the important contributors to thrash metal.”

“One those bands that refuses to die off in spite of numerous lineup changes, label turnover, and all-around industry apathy, Philadelphia metallers Single Bullet Theory have hooked up with the emerging Goomba Music label for the release of their fourth album, the aptly-titled IV. Founded and guided by singer/guitarist Matt Difabio, SBT's molten brand of classic and modern metal is an enticing concoction when they're firing on all cylinders, a happening Difabio sees a lot more of in the future as he hunkers down with a stable lineup for the first time in eons. This was just one of many topics for our discussion of the electronic mail variety, as the former Pissing Razors (remember them?) axe-slinger had lots of interesting things to say, so read on..”