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"The Sindicate straddles the line between styles of music. The Vancouver, Wash., band — with Dominic Bianchini on vocals and rhythm guitar, Josh Garrett on lead guitar, Stephen Clark on bass and James Davenport on drums — released its second full-length album "Sasquatch" on Jan. 10, which, while mainly fueled by the laid-back sounds of reggae, finds the band injecting the aggressive stylings of grunge rock into its songs."

Daily Tidings

“Their music meshes like together like your grandmother's knitted sweater. You would think with all of those guitars, can we fit one more? It works though, melodic, in tune, and moving describes their music.”

“What sounds better than booze, free CDs, and music? Booze, free CDs, and The Sindicate Playing good music. With their west-coast tour about to kick off, The Sindicate gave us a preview of how they get down, and what a preview it was! Don't worry, they will be back for a pit stop show for the Brickhouse again soon.”

“Vancouver, Washington may not have a massive music scene, but the bands it does have typically fall into two camps: metal/hardcore or hipster/alt-pop. “We’re for all the people in between,” said Dominic Bianchini, singer and guitarist for The Sindicate, an alternative band whose sound is a mix of Sublime and Rage Against the Machine. They can be heavy and emotional with thick melodies. Or they can be light and playful with engaging lyrics over reggae syncopation, and their growing fan base in Vancouver can attest to their energetic live shows. The Sindicate, whose line-up is rounded out with Josh Garrett on lead guitar, Stephen Clark on bass, and James Davenport on drums, knows their success depends on support from their fans. They often invite friends Brian Christina, aka MCBC, and Tony Alexander on stage to perform in songs like “Listen!” Pulling them up from the audience can re-energize the crowd in the middle of the show, or pump them up for the afterparties.”

"Tight band with great music and a message"

Hope on the Slopes

“The Sindicate...can sound as hard as any rock band and as smooth as any reggae band, while adding a hip hop twist and a punk edge. There is no doubt they put on a good show with their clever lyrics and clean, powerful rhythms. They have songs that make a whole room of people fall over themselves dancing and others that make them step back and listen intently. And they can do all that before they take their first smoke break. The Sindicate’s songs...have unapologetically ominous overtones, and nostalgic and vulnerable undertones. They can be pitiless and unforgiving as in the song Best Friends when this thought is calmly shared, “So what if I killed you? And your best friends too?” Or thoughtful and charming as in the song Hold “I tried and I begged but I can’t help from loving you”. Their music brings a sense of control and dependability while the lyrics suggest otherwise. ”

“The Streets of Tanasbourne “Concert Series” Press Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 2, 2010 For more information contact: Jenean Salle, Public Relations Manager Bradshaw Advertising 503.221.5000 THE STREETS OF TANASBOURNE—Announces Contest Winners for Coveted Spot in Concert Series Line-up Portland, OR – The Streets of Tanasbourne announced a stellar lineup of local bands for their upcoming concert series that will be held every Tuesday evening from July 13 through August 31st. 94.7 solicited entries to be one of the selected bands to play at the concert series. The concert series has gained a reputation for having some of the most talented acts in the area and this year will be no different. There was great response to the competition and the following 8 bands were selected to perform on these dates: 7/13-Painted Grey, 7/20-Hutson, 7/27-The Hedges, 8/3-Mnemonic Sounds, 8/10-Hello Morning, 8/17-The Sindicate, 8/24-Goodbye Harrison, 8/31-Pony Cop.”

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