Sincerely, Iris / Press

“It's a bold, compelling set of original tunes, full of glorious lyrical twists and melodic turns. Sincerely, Iris remains Savannah's most idiosyncratic (and enjoyable) acoustic artist”

“One of the most interesting of Savannah's newest crop of acoustic artists, Sincerely, Iris makes music that gleefully gallops across easy categorization. These songs veer from spacey, modal musing to hyperdrive rock to highly melodic and structured pop, each with a lyrical knife's edge that puts them into that fabulously rich and never specific singer/songwriter territory. ”

“Inspiration is all over. Music is the one thing I really enjoy doing for hours on end. A lot of it for me is just discovery, whether it be a cool sound on guitar or being inspired by something another musician is doing. I think songwriting is just a way for me to make sense of my past in song/story form, and hopefully other people can relate to those stories. ”

“The whole male voice/acoustic guitar thing usually dredges up horrible memories of Damien Rice, which is tantamount to torture, or at least a waterboarding-type ‘interrogative technique’, in my eyes. Deja Vu, though, is such a rambling, shuffling and urgent song that my preconceptions were rightly swept aside. Also, it’s got Spanish Horns on it, for crap’s sake. I love Spanish Horns. Boys, Girls and Fools is the kind of plaintive love song which appeals to the tiny fraction of my heart which isn’t black and withered, and maybe this is the lesson for today. Even if you’re avowedly against something, there’s always an exception that finds a gap and pierces home. However much I wanted one of the songs to suddenly explode into Primal Scream’s Accelerator, ultimately, I’m glad it didn’t.”

“Acoustic Singer/Songwriter Todd Murray is special. Not the “I eat paste” special – quite the opposite actually – his is the first local, acoustic music I’ve heard that melds folk and blues stylings successfully. It’s like a fried Twinkie – it really shouldn’t work together, but it does – and it is tasty. This man knows his way around an acoustic guitar, whether playing lead or rhythm he does so tastefully and in full control. Todd knows each songs destiny and puts his best foot forward presenting them on his recently recorded effort, Headlight Sonata.”