Sin 4 Sin / Press

“Sin 4 Sin Rocks Baltimore’s Cradle ”

“Baltimore’s Sin 4 Sin injects some much needed new life into the hard rock scene.”

“Sin4Sin took the stage at 9 PM sharp & played a solid 30 minutes of sleazy glam rock that I'd describe as one part Bulletboys, two parts Def Leppard”

“Hopefully, 7 Deadly will get in the hands of some producers that can help out Sin 4 Sin. This band has a lot of potential.”

"Being a native of Maryland I am always thrilled to listen to up and coming bands from my home state. It's even more pleasing when they actually pan out. So I am in luck on both counts as Baltimore's Sin 4 Sin are the real deal."

"Keep an eye on these guys... they have a hell of a lot of promise!" -Skid of Sleazeroxx.com

“6) Are there planns to record a full album shortly? Yes. The band is expecting to hit the studio sometime in January, and hopes to have a full length available by late March or Early April. They are recording at Wrightway Studios in Baltimore who have known to produce other bands such as the Charm City Devils, SR-71, Jimmies Chicken Shack, and Slipknot”