Simply Mary / Press

“Video Interview for 3 TV News @ 9 Simply Mary's response to the signing of NFL Player Chris Rainey, Domestic Violence Offender”

“Simply Mary SIMPLY AMAZING!!! The lyrical content that rolled from her mouth and was planted on that mic left the majority praising her. Equipped with the smile of a true survivor, he music speaks on her experience as a DV survivor. All I will say is: "I'm not your mirror. Turn around now. It's just me."”

“our resident 'bad girl', writes like she's pretty pissed at somebody, but not so pissed that it comes off as vindictive (not an easy feat for a writer), charming in the same way as a hummingbird toting an AK47, a voice that demands you listen or else you'll miss the punch-line ...”

Lewis Ray Camarata

“SING ME A SONG sweet, strong and direct grooves that, like a velvet needle, pierce my soul with poetry that's insistent and deliciously emphatic. (Please take a moment, as I did for you, to comment on my page.)”

David Namerow

“You have a beautiful, an amazing voice, and I'm enjoying your fascinating music. All the best!”

Keld Sand

“Beautifully strong and distinct vocals...song writing is as unique. Tastes of a nice warm burgundy.”

T. David Gohlke

“Lie To Me is a beautiful song. Great lyrics and fantastic vocals & guitar. Cheers!”

Antigony In The Garden

“Enjoying "Even After My Song" lots. Much success to you.”


“Supporting is no fuss when Music is this good!”

Shane Buttigeig

“Old burgundy and ZZ Top? Can't say as I hear THAT but I do hear echoes of Joan Osbourne, Linda Thompson and maybe even Melanie in your work. Finding your music is one of the better things that've happened to me in 2014 thus far. Keep up the good work and you're sure to become a fixture on the AZ music scene.”

Panama Pete

"Great tracks...Brilliant vocals..respect from Mr Pity"

Mr Pity

"Great work Mary..straight from the heart. Keep up the awesome music and never lose faith."

Delaney Simpson

"I luv your music..."

Camp Side Recordz

"WoW! What an INCREDIBLE JOURNEY!! Thoroughly Enjoy the Songs!!"

Zombies With Gunz

"Awesome! Keep the great music rolling out. Greetings from New Zealand, WB."

Wade Braines

"Great job! And if you ever need to feature someone in a song, then please, ask me! ;]"

Brent Rounsville

"Really enjoyed Army of One :)"


"Searching for awesome music! We found some here"


"I was totally moved by Dangerous..Awesome lyrics and emotion in your voice..beautiful song"~ Danger Vain

Danger Vain

"top work on the songwriting here..great songs in "catch it all" and the rich, piano-led "dangerous"..dig your honest, confessional style of vocals and lyricism. Tasty!"



The Haventies

“Nice tracks, great voice and a cool collection of songs. All the best ~ Frankie”


“Diggin your tunes!Much love from down under :)”

March of the Fallen - Comment

“Simply fantastic!”

The Wildflowerz - Comment