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“From My Head To My Feet is an excellent progressive rock album that will appeal to music fans looking for something a little different”

“From My Head to My Feet is loads of fun, and easily one of the best progressive releases in recent memory.”

“Simon offers a beautiful alternative to contemporary progressive rock, mixing diverse influences to impose a style that is unique until the end. To be discovered urgently.”

“Like a fractal design, the closer you look, the more details you make out, be they melodic fragments cropping up in multiple pieces, unexpected combinations of sounds, or off-kilter rhythmic twists. Newton’s Alchemy is an outstanding accomplishment in progressive rock, free of cliches and strikingly original without sounding stuffy or fussy.”

“Simon McKechnie is a talented guy who deserves more exposure, and I recommend Newton's Alchemy to those who like me are always on the look out for something a tad different.”

“Simon McKechnie is an amazing talent who spans multiple genres, and his latest release, Clocks And Dark Clouds is a great showcase of that talent. The album is an excellent progressive rock album that any fans of Yes or Rush will enjoy. Clocks And Dark Clouds is an album worth checking out.”

“This album is great, you just have to really listen. Long-windedness suddenly disappears and I can hear all those beautiful motifs and unusual musical elements, which are literally littered across the entire album. I recommend it to anyone who is not afraid of less digestible compositions and longer songs. After some time the final details that make Simon McKechnie’s music almost inimitable are exposed.”

“McKechnie has composed a fine album that does remind me of some of those American prog bands that tried to do it the English way over the past twenty years. This is all McKechnie's work bar a handful of songs with lyrics by some rather famous gentleman. There's some tidy guitar work and interesting vocal quality where the man does it all on his own except for the drums supplied by a talented Adam Riley. Two or three plays and I was well in to this.”

Martin Hudson - Rock Society

“(Review of London Reborn) There's a vast 'time-scape' feel to this album. Its span and dimension holds you entranced. It has sweeping vistas and changing places. It is street theatre. It is folk art for your ears. It is London.”

“(Review of 'london Reborn') Yes this is a 21st century London folk music experience that I would thoroughly recommend if you like a touch of musical conventional meeting not as conventional.”

“(Review of London Reborn) - The story-songs have a freshness and humour about them which is very London,”