Simon MacKenzie / Press

“If Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson had a love child, he would be Simon MacKenzie. Born in Great Falls Montana, raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and currently based in Mount Vernon, Iowa, his Western and Midwestern influences shine through on his debut album, Relief.”

“The debut album from Minnesota's own Simon MacKenzie showcases this young talent's emerging songwriting skills. MacKenzie's strong vocals and adept guitar playing are present on this 10 song album that will have you nodding your head to the catchy grooves and fine melodies.”

Capsule Records/News

“Simon Mackenzie is a promising young song writer from Minneapolis, Minnesota descending on the scene with an acoustic guitar and a handful of well crafted tunes.”

“Since he first started playing guitar at age 16 Simon MacKenzie has been writing, singing, and performing his own songs. Currently a student at Cornell College Simon MacKenzie hopes that his songs are something "that everyone can enjoy"”

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