Simone du Garfunk / Press

“We like bands containing married couples and bands will silly names that make Chip giggle, so of course we enjoy Simone du Garfunk! They'll be stopping by the Bottleneck this Friday alongside Scott Allan Knost and Tyler Gregory (also, please watch/rewatch THIS Tyler Gregory video which will warm the heart of even the most cold-blooded scenesters. It's even made the Huffington Post!).”

“Simone du Garfunk, an acoustic folk band based in Hutchinson, started its “Summer Vacation Tour” last week in Lawrence. The band, which played at the Reno County Farmer’s Market opening, features Tammy Colladay on vocals and baritone ukulele; Bob Colladay on vocals, upright bass and baritone ukulele; and Matt Parks on percussion. The group recorded a home-studio album last summer with seven original songs about murder, love, intrigue, wine and waffles. There are also three traditional songs. The tour will go to Missouri, Indiana, Tennessee and Oklahoma before ending at The Artichoke Sandwich Bar in Wichita on Saturday, June 2. Admission is $5 to the 8 p.m. Wichita show.”

“Tammy has been singing for years and started playing guitar and ukulele in the last 5 years. Bob has been playing guitar since 1998 and started playing ukulele about 9 years ago and upright bass 6 years ago. We played together in a bluegrass band (The Gazaway Mountain Boys) for about 5 years. We met Matt Parks about 2 years ago when Bob was giving his daughter ukulele lessons and asked him if he would like to play percussion for us and he agreed.”

“Gail Barnes, who chairs the "Light Up the Fox" gala committee, said the evening would feature local entertainment, including members of the Trinity High School drumline and John Eberly and Josh Davies on guitar and piano, as well as musical groups the Conquistadors, Almost Jazz and Simone du Garfunk.”

““I was really excited that we had the Simone Du Garfunk from Hutchinson and actually their car broke down while they were trying to get here, but that was nice to have them here because they were brand new,” said Smeed.”

“They are very good. They play quite a bit in the Hutchinson Kansas area. I have also seen them perform at the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield.”

“This Folk/Americana from Hutchinson makes its Donut Whole/Wichita debut on Saturday August 20th at 8 PM. Simone du Garfunk just released their self titled CD with mostly original songs. The band has polished its act playing mostly in Hutchinson. The band is husband & wife Bob & Tammy Colladay and Matt Parks. Bob plays Upright bass, Tammy plays bariton ukulele and Matt plays percussion and harmonica”